Acronis Cyber Backups

Backup copies for the safe backup of your information

We include Acronis Backups in all our shared hosting plans, and optionally in our cloud and dedicated servers.

Acronis Cyber Backups

Secure backups

We use Acronis Backups for our hosting plans, to provide an additional layer of security for all information of your plan.

If you have a cloud or dedicated server, you can hire the Acronis Cyber Backups service as an option.


Acronis Cyber Backups provides cloud backup with a self-service portal for easy backup setup, management, and restoration. Acronis Cyber Backups can be stored off-server in Liquid Web Cloud, or off-site in Acronis Backup Cloud, and encryption is available with either option.

  • Off-server backup storage
  • Fully encrypted backups available
  • Protection against data hijacking
  • Almost zero impact on server resources
  • Scalable resources
  • The shortest possible backup window
Acronis Cyber Backups

Compare Acronis backups with local ones

Backup storage In server Off the server
Incremental backups Yes* Yes
Real-time backups No Yes
Full server backups No Yes
Full restore No Yes
Backup encryption No Yes
Ransomware protection No Yes
Server resource usage High Virtually none
Restoration time Low 2x + faster
Restore individual files No Yes
Fully self-service No Yes

*Depending on control panel


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