About the inconveniences in gaea.duplika.com

On September 2 at 6:05 AM, one of the hard drives that stores, among other things, all the sites' databases, began to fail and we decided to take the server offline to prevent data loss. Here we explain what happened, answering the most common questions that were generated.

When a hard drive begins to fail, it must be replaced as soon as possible so that the information it contains is corrupted.
While we tried to rectify the issues that arose with the priority of avoiding user delays, this action was not possible, so we proceeded to clone the data from the failing drive to a new one. The good part about this awkward process is that taking the opportunity to replace it with a SAS hard drive, which are more stable.

Why did they take so long to fix the problem?

Because initially we tried to rectify errors in the file system. We advanced until almost finished the cure, but the failure of the disk came from an anomaly in its hardware, so the problems were generated again. This forced the complete replacement.

To avoid data loss, we had to use our backups in conjunction with cloning methods. At the end of this process, any problem in the file system was rectified.

Has information been lost due to this inconvenience?

The disconnection from the server was made at 6:05AM (GMT -3:00) so, unfortunately, it is very likely that all emails sent to the mailboxes from that time to that moment have been automatically discarded, although forwarded to senders with a notification. However, all your site files and saved emails are intact. MySQL databases were fully restored from our backups. If any of you detect any problems, do not hesitate to send us a ticket right away to check it out.

What measures have you taken to prevent this from happening again?

The affected disk has been replaced with a new one of superior technology (http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_Attached_SCSI). In turn, we plan to install new hard drives and configure them in RAID 5 (http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID#RAID_10) so that if any of the disks fail in the future, this does not affect the stability of the server and can be replaced without the need to take the server down.

Of course, all affected customers have the right to request the corresponding credit for our uptime guarantee. To do so, please send us a ticket through our customer table and we will apply it immediately. In turn, the user who still detects inconveniences on his site is asked to contact us through that channel.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and any questions or concerns, we are at your entire disposal.

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