how to add first and last name to webmail emails

Add your Identity to the mail

In this note we are going to explain how to make your name appear in the emails you send from WebMail with RoundCube.


By default, email accounts in cPanel do not provide a name/identity to the sender. So, the emails that your recipients receive only see the username of the email. Example: we send an email to a Gmail box using the test box [email protected]

Let's see how such mail is received in Gmail:

Full name is Isabella Colombotto; however, only "isabella" appears as it is the username of the email.


To give identity to our mailbox we must access the configuration of our webmail and complete the data as shown in the screenshot below:

Saved the changes, we try to send another email to Gmail to verify the complete identity.

Completed identity!

If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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