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Advanced Database Cleaner PRO by Sigma

The Sigma package for WordPress brings us three components developed to improve the performance of our site from three different levels. Advanced WordPress reset, WP cron cleaner PRO, and finally the flagship, Advanced Database Cleaner PRO. In itself, their names already tell us what each thing does, and in this note we tell you their details.

Database cleaning for demanding

This is an extremely useful plugin for leave our WordPress database clean and tidy. Advanced Database Cleaner optimizes all data tables by searching for and removing the "garbage" that is found. In other words, it deletes unnecessary data that has accumulated over time, such as reviews, drafts, spam comments, orphaned options, orphaned tables, etc

Suffice it to say that components that we have once used, but later deactivated and deleted, leave their own tables and information in our database, taking up space and slowing down our site. All unnecessary data is cleaned by Advanced Database Cleaner, thus reducing the size of the database and at the same time improving the efficiency when accessing the tables..


We look for the plugin in the corresponding section of WordPress, as indicated in the screenshot below.

Installed and activated, we find your access in the WordPress Dashboard.

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It should be clarified that the free version of this component will not allow us to clean tasks and tables individually. For this we must acquire the paid version. The benefit of being able to act with specificity is that we can decide if we want to preserve certain information (for example, from a component that is inactive or removed but that we might need again).

Below we detail the functions of the free version and then we will mention the additional ones of the paid version.

Free version features

Cleaning Input Tables: The plugin allows us to remove old revisions from posts and pages, remove all auto-created drafts, and remove posts from the trash. This will help us reduce the size of our Inputs table.

Clean expired transients: expired transients are temporary options that should not exist in the database since, as the name implies, they are expired.

View and manage tables: we can visualize the information of all the tables (number of rows, sizes, etc.). We will be able to optimize the tables and repair those that are damaged. We can also empty and remove rennet tables, if necessary.

Overview: Advanced Database Cleaner will help us to have a clear idea of what is happening in our database, reporting all those unused/orphaned items that need to be cleaned.

Comment table cleanup: we will be able to delete pending comments, spam comments, trashed comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. This reduces the number of rows in the “Comments” table in our WordPress.

View orphaned items: We are allowed to view all the details about each orphaned item before doing a database cleanup. Thus, we will be sure that we can clean without risk.

View and manage options: We can see a list with all the options and their information, such as name, value, size, autoload, etc. In this way, we will set the autoload options to no/yes, and remove options if we wish.

Automation: no need to run the plugin manually every so often; Advanced Database Cleaner lets us automate its processes to run automatic cleaning and optimization based on defined intervals at will.

Orphan metadata cleanup: Thanks to Database Cleaner we can remove orphaned Post metadata, orphaned comments, orphaned user metadata, orphaned term metadata and orphaned relationships.

Keep the data of the last x days: We can prevent the data from the last few days from being cleaned by choice and only clean the data older than the number of days that we have specified.

View and manage Cron jobs: It is possible to display the list of active cron tasks (scheduled tasks) with their specific information (arguments, next execution, etc.). This way it is easy to clean and eliminate scheduled tasks that do not interest us. This is another great way to speed up our WordPress.

Reduce the size of the database: By removing unused and/or orphaned items, our database will take up less space on the server. In addition to being more agile, another advantage is that we will make faster backup copies by having to copy a small file.

Functionalities that the PRO version adds

Below we will list the additional tools provided by the paid version, but before we wanted to tell you that, in case you need more features than those included in the free version, we recommend then Database Cleaner Pro of meowapps, which we include in our service Managed WordPress.

With this mention made, the six extra features of the PRO version are:

Detection and removal of orphaned options: In our WordPress database, it is possible that the “wp_options” table is full of orphaned options. So, the healthy performance of our website is compromised. Cleaning orphan options is another way to speed up our site, and the PRO version takes care of it.

Orphan table detection and removal: In similar situation as above, it is likely that there are orphaned tables which were created by plugins and Themes that are inactive or long ago deleted. Cleaning these orphaned tables will increase the performance of our site.

Detection and removal of orphaned CRON tasksNote: After uninstalling a plugin or Theme, some of its native cron tasks might still be active. These CRON residues cause WordPress to call already unknown functions and need to be cleaned up.

Scanning and editing categorization: This function allows us to scan specific elements or all of them in order to verify which Plugin or Theme they belong to. It also lets us correct the value belonging to.

Search and filter anything: In other words, we can search and filter options, tables and CRON tasks according to criteria of our liking, such as name, creator, value, etc.

Expert Advice: The paid version offers personalized technical support, useful to get more out of the plugin and also so that we can resolve doubts before executing actions.


There are many such plugins but few that tell us exactly what is being cleaned. Thanks to the information provided, we can understand the source of performance problems of our site (and prevent them).

The scheduled task configurator allows us to automatically clean up, relieving us from having to worry about the health of our database.

The technical support by the developer is as attentive as it is professional. You can see the love for your product and the desire to help resolve obstacles or doubts to be presented to us.

In conclusion, it is a plugin ultra light, ultra efficient, ultra complete. However, if the free version does not meet your expectations for some reason, we recommend opting for Database Cleaner Pro.

Wishing that the note has been useful to you, we invite you to leave your opinions and doubts in the comments. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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