Advanced Scripts Plugin

Advanced Scripts Plugin is a recent plugin (2020) intended to be either a clean and modern replacement for the Code Snippets plugin, or a tool that replaces the bad practice of having to add code to the file functions.php. One of its great advantages, starting with the new version 2, is that allows us to add conditionals so that a script only runs on Posts/Pages determined by us. This and other benefits have made it the best script management plugin on the planet. Here are its strengths.

Advanced Scripts Plugin
By Clean Plugins

Features of Advanced Scripts Plugin

This component is presented as “the best script manager on the market. In addition to PHP, CSS, and Javascript, you'll also be able to write SCSS and LESS code, use custom hooks, and all of this in a killer interface." We'll see if he keeps his promise.

Its fundamental advantages are 5:

  • Elimination of the need to use shortcodes
  • Removal of the need for components to customize functions.php
  • Elimination of the need to use components for CSS and Javascripts
  • We will not need a SCSS/LESS compiler either.
  • And, finally, we can uninstall a plugin to modify the Header/Footer

administrative interface

As the upper capture shows, we can easily choose what kind of code do we want to create.

It also allows us to easily load assets from a URL. This is incredibly useful in scenarios where we use JavaScript libraries via the CDN. At this point, all we need is paste the url and voila. As we can see, another strong advantage is that we can manage all the external scripts that we have on our website very easily.

Having added an external script in this plugin, we can activate and deactivate it with a click from the back end. This greatly simplifies the debugging processes.

By adding any type of script, we can choose when it will load on the page. For those of us who are constantly working on the speed of our site, this is really spectacular.. In fact it is very useful if we want to limit scripts to only specific areas of the site. We can even call code manually from where we need it, or use custom hooks.

As the screenshot below shows, to write code just choose the programming language and the styles and formatting will be applied:

When writing code, fortunately Advanced Scripts Plugin helps us with popups.

Safe Mode

The last feature we want to tell you about is the safe mode addition. If we make a mistake when using the Code Snippets plugin, we know that we can take our site offline. The usual remedy to this circumstance was to have to reach out and disable the plugin from FTP.

Advanced Scripts detects any PHP errors and warns us before applying them to our site. This saves us from breaking our website due to an omission or a misspelled character.

Ultimately, we will not experience any site breaking issues. This is what safe mode looks like when it detects an error:


The plugin does what it says, without fine print. But, in addition, it has an exquisite interface: the panel is excellently well designed to all types of usersfrom experts to novices. It's intuitive, it's easy, and it's pretty.

This component is not free; its cost starts at USD20 for a single site, but for life.

It also has a USD29.99 plan for up to five sites, and finally the unlimited plan that allows us to incorporate Advanced Scripts to any number of sites, and for life.

We can find more details in your official commercial page.

We encourage you to leave your queries in our form or write to us at [email protected]. We are here to advise you. Good luck and thanks for reading.

This plugin and many other components in their premium versions
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