WooCommerce alternatives to MercadoPago payment method

Alternatives to MercadoPago for WooCommerce in Argentina

When it comes to charging online through our WooCommerce store, the most used option is undoubtedly MercadoPago.

Several years ago they started updating their plugin, so the integration with WooCommerce is excellent and allows you to use many local payment methods, easily and simply.

The MercadoPago commission varies according to the delay time you configure to dispose of the funds.

However, if we want to consider some alternative, here are the possibilities:

  • mobex: It is the most recommended if we are looking for the simplicity of MercadoPago. Your integration with WooCommerce it's on github and it is updated, which is a great plus.
  • Decide via Wanderlust: It is possible to connect with Decidir, avoiding intermediaries between banks and cards and reducing commissions, although the developers request the store login when buying it, instead of allowing us to download the .zip to install it on our own.
  • Payway (ex TodoPago): They claim to have a integration with WooCommerce, although you need to have an account to download it. If anyone has tried it, experiences are appreciated.
  • Binance: It is possible to generate a QR to pay via Binance Pay to credit the payment automatically thanks to the kijam-plugin.

If you tried any of these options or know of an alternative, please share it in the comments and we will update the article.

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