Ani Casavalle

Next, we will detail the testimony of Santiago Moyano, a client who hired our services. Thank you Santi!

The Dance Studio Ani Casavalle it had its first page on the Internet back in 2005. However, this first attempt at virtual presence was limited to a template-type website, with some photos and a contact telephone number.

“In 2007, being aware of the commercial possibilities offered by the Internet, we completely rethought the site.

And this change had to be accompanied by a good hosting service, which allows everything to work correctly.

This was my first approach to Duplika, delegating my domain to their servers. I was extremely satisfied with the service, and decided to consult them for other services that could improve the sales of my site.

Since then, Duplika collaborated with the SEO of Studio Ani Casavalle to achieve your search engine rankings. After 3 years, the results were optimal, notably improving the number of consultations, and therefore, the number of students in the Study.

In DuplikaIn addition to an excellent service and the best human quality, I found a group of totally suitable professionals. They not only contain my ventures effectively, but also allow me to learn something new from the Internet world every day.”

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