WooCommerce Argentinian Mail Shipping Integration Alternatives

Alternatives to integrate Correo Argentino with WooCommerce

When it comes to selling with WooCommerce in Argentina, we find ourselves with the decision to choose our shipping method.

Although many reported better results with Andreani, Correo Argentino is the most used mail in our country, so below we detail the available alternatives:

  • Kijam Correo Argentino: Kijam has several integrations done and a good reputation.
  • Cool Argentine Mail it's in the official WP repository and it's the only free one, albeit with some unanswered support questions.
  • Adue Correo Argentino : At the moment we have not had or know of any experience with it.
  • WanderLust: It is the most used integration, although they do not give you the .zip but they ask you for the access data to install it, and some users reported problems with the developers.

Have you tried any and had a problem or a good experience? Share it in the comments.

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