Astra and Astra Pro

Astra is defined as a lightweight and smart template for WordPress sites. At present it is one of the most popular with more than one and a half million active installations. Google, NASA and major world universities use it. In this report, its main benefits.

Astra's strengths

Premade Websites

Reduce website design time by using professional templates created by expert designers. They are accessed from the template library and you can change them at any time.

Code-free customization

It allows to modify and customize the layouts through a complete variety of options available in the WordPress Customizer. And you don't need programming knowledge to do it!

Designed for Web Builders

Astra gives you the possibility to disable the page title (H1) and also the sidebar. This makes it easy to create full-width pages with total design freedom.

super fast performance

Astra is programmed and optimized day by day looking for the highest possible speed. Clean code fast sites are their main goal.

Creative Features

Design Options

In this area you can manage the layout of the web container, header, blog, archives, individual pages, posts, sidebar and footer.

Header/Footer Design

Astra comes out of the box with several different header layouts for you to choose from. The PRO plugin extends these possibilities and adds many more powerful features.

Colors and Typography

Set colors and fonts with a couple of clicks. Astra knows it's important to be able to set fonts and colors that integrate with your brand and makes it easy.

Blog and Archives

You can format the layout of your blog posts and pages with many existing options in the customizer. Manage widths, contents and even meta data.

Compatibility Features

Astra integrates seamlessly with the following builders and components

Duplika includes Astra PRO in its service Managed WordPress

Performance Characteristics

Not only does Astra set the bar for personalization high, but it also does everything fast.

without JQuery

It is common for site render crashes due to jQuery calls. That's why Astra replaces them with clean JavaScripts.

Less than 50kb

The average WordPress theme reaches 300kb of server resources. Astra, however, has optimized its code so that 50kb is enough.

Charge in 0.5 seconds

On a conventional, clean install of WordPress, Astra loads in less than half a second because its code was written with performance in mind.

Giant Library of Prefab Sites

We show you a screenshot of websites created with Astra, made by various professional website builders. Templates are available to import with the Astra Sites plugin.

Online Store with Astra

If you were looking for an ideal theme to build a store, Astra is for you. Its integration with WooCommerce makes it versatile, allowing you to design your store the way you want it. Astra with WooCommerce is fast, flexible and intuitive. Thanks to its unique features and countless customizations, you will be able to create a store that matches your brand and your particular aesthetic.

Do more with Astra PRO

The PRO version of Astra contains additional tools and features that help you do a lot more in less time.

Astra PRO provides access to powerful features so you can create a WordPress layout without headaches and high programming and design costs. With all the time you save, it is a product that pays for itself without a doubt.

Astra PRO is a template that we include free in our service of Managed WordPress.

More designs available

More layouts and container structures means your dream site, just as you envisioned it, is much more possible. More professional templates also reduce your site building time.

Templates are accessed from the Template Library. You can try one and, if you are not convinced, change it for another at any time.

More and better typography

To those available in Astra, Astra PRO adds 800 fonts from Google Fonts. This again implies that the site of your dreams, with the exact typography, is at your fingertips.

You can define fonts and sizes for each type of title/subtitle, navigation menu, buttons, header, footer, quotes, etc.

Colors and Backgrounds

With Astra Pro you can manage the colors and background image of any area of your website. The theme gives you complete control to manage each section with all the care you need.

Blog Structures

Create the blog just as you imagine it thanks to countless variations and designs. You will be able to generate a better impact on your audience thanks to the mixture of your content along with trendy designs.

More header designs

To save even more time, simply choose the Header design you like best and activate it on your site. You can include your header above or below your title, make it transparent or leave it fixed when scrolling. You decide.

Flexible Footers

Your footer becomes fully editable and manipulable with Astra PRO. You can also create as many columns as you need to separate the information you present from your business or blog.

Online courses

Astra's integration with LifterLMS and LearnDash will allow you to incorporate online learning. Sell courses and manage the students who access your website. Astra gives you complete design freedom to customize your courses and make everything look just right.

Technical support

With Astra PRO you will have at your disposal the official support of Astra awarded with five stars. Plus, the theme is regularly updated and improved, and you'll always have instant access to the latest version.

We provide you with free Astra PRO and support if you are a customer of our Service Managed WordPress.

Astra PRO has a value of USD49 ANNUALLY. However, the lifetime license has a one-time cost of USD239.

We take care of the maintenance of your site

We include Astra PRO version in our Managed WordPress service



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