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BetterDocs: document management

BetterDocs for WordPress is an advanced documentation and knowledge base plugin (either "Knowledge Base“) useful for: 1. ordering a large number of documents and 2. improving the experience of our users by reducing support tickets by favoring the search for all information.

Document index. In this real case, we use BetterDocs to be able to strategically separate a very large amount of documentation to the public.


BetterDocs allows us to provide segmented information about products and services in a neat, easily accessible manner. We can also configure a self-service for our clients' queries, reducing support tickets and thus increasing productivity.

Its multiple factory layouts (and total customization freedom) allow us to leave an index of documents as we imagine it.

Similarly, we can choose a file template and then freely modify it.

Content Page Model

In addition, we can also configure the searches and results, the archive page and the sidebars to our liking.

Installing and testing BetterDocs

The installation method of this plugin is the conventional one. We look for the “Add New” option in the Plugins section of our WordPress toolbar. Then we can search forbetterdocs” in the plugin search socket as shown in the screenshot below.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, we will find its tools menu in the options bar of our Desktop.

The main screen shows us the loaded documents.

BetterDocs Pro included free in our service Managed WordPress

tools menu BetterDocs

After the "All documents" link, shown in the screenshot above, we find:

  • Add new: allows us to create a new document. By default, the WordPress native builder, Gutenberg, will open.
  • Categories: We recommend going here first. It is the place where we will create the categories that will allow us to segment our documentation. Think of it as working the same way as WordPress Post Categories.
  • tags: as in the previous option, and in the same way that it happens natively with WordPress Tags for Posts. Here we will create the “tags” to eventually use them in our documents.
  • Quick Setup: a “wizard” with video and three steps to configure the component to your liking.
The "wizard" that comes from the factory with BetterDocs
  • Settings: the page where we can make various decisions related to what we want from BetterDocs, and how. Among the more technical options we also find flaps to customize the design, colors, etc.
  • Analytics: BetterDocs It has its own data recording system. Readings per document, but also the level of satisfaction of our readers (an option that is enabled by default).
The orange box marks the reaction socket. This possibility can be disabled if we are not interested.

We recommend watching the following official video on YouTube for more details on its use. Although it is in English, we can enable subtitles.

How To Manage Categories & Tags For Your Documentation In BetterDocs


BetterDocs it's a well-polished, lightweight, simple and super-powerful component. Among its fundamental benefits we find:

● Aesthetically clear, minimalist.
● VERY customizable; it's easy to leave it with tones and fonts compatible with our institutional image (or personal tastes).
● Generate a Table of Contents per document automatically.
● Improves our communication; It facilitates the search for documentation for our users, generating greater fidelity (and saving us resources).
● Offers instant answers, in real time, at the time of the search.
● Includes its own analytics so that we know what documents are read, when, and what repercussion it generates for the reader.
● Integration with WPML to offer translations in other languages.
● Compatible with Gutenberg Y Elementor.

We can find the complete documentation here.


With 30,000 active installations, BetterDocs It is the most used component for content type "knowledge base" or document database on the planet.

From creating a simple knowledge base to a complete catalog of files and technical notes, BetterDocs It is the plugin indicated for all the features it offers us. Professional, fast and extremely customizable, it lets us give it the look we need or change it whenever we want.

The PRO version includes automated response bots, professional analytics, the ability to create multiple document databases, and even restrict access to certain users.

The price of the PRO version is USD69 for a single site.

Without a doubt we recommend this component for all the above, and we can also add the speed and professionalism of the technical support as another great advantage of this product as a whole.

Wishing that the analysis has been very useful to you, we encourage you to leave your impressions in the comments section below. Success in your projects, and thanks for reading.

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We include Better Docs PRO in our Managed WordPress service



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