CleanTalk, antispam protection for your WordPress

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Cloud spam protection for forums, blogs and sites

No captcha, no questions, no counting animals, no riddles, no math... Fight spam!

What does CleanTalk offer?

Anti-spam features. CleanTalk protects your website from spam bots and malicious messages on:










Growth of registrations / visitors

Convenient registration forms and comment control increase the number of registrations.

Email addresses are validated in real time in order to increase your conversion rate.

Save time and resources

Our service allows you to concentrate your time on developing and improving your website and your business, without being distracted by strange tasks or useless messages.

visitor loyalty

By keeping your content clean and neat, your visitors will become more loyal and more likely to become repeat customers.

How does Clean Talk work?


A user writes a comment or registers.


The CleanTalk plugin sends action parameters to the CleanTalk cloud.


The service parses the parameters.


If it is a visitor, the comment will be published. If it is a spam bot, CleanTalk blocks this comment or record.


The parameters are written to the log that can be viewed in the Control Panel service.

Have you ever wondered how to stop spam?

Benefits of CleanTalk

We also update our hardware constantly, we include free DDoS protection and SSL certificates in all our plans, and we include LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, Imunify 360, MailChannels and daily backups so that your sites are fast and secure.

No captcha, no questions, no riddles, etc.

CleanTalk eliminates the need for CAPTCHA, Q&A and other ways that use complicated communication methods for spam protection on your site. Invisible to visitors, spam protection has a positive effect on site audience loyalty.

daily backups

You only need 5-10 minutes to set up the CleanTalk plugin.
Each plugin has a detailed setup manual with screenshots of each stage of installation.

profanity protection

One function of the service is the censorship of comments with aggressive content. Posts containing non-normative language, strong or 'bad' words, and even ethnic hatred are automatically sent for manual moderation.

Fraud prevention with the CleanTalk database

One thing we want to mention is that more and more transactions are moving online and this is where we can help you in detecting bad IP addresses. CleanTalk has one of the largest databases of IP address/email spam activity. Every day CleanTalk gets information about thousands of new IP addresses / spam emails and some of these IPs are also used for card fraud.

Verify IP or email with the BlackList database

CleanTalk provides not only anti-spam plugins for websites: its service compiles its own database of email and spam IP addresses. It can check any IP or email against blacklist database, allows you to block spammers or other malicious activity. Therefore, it is capable of uploading the spam email or the IP list of where the spam comes from.

Every database record has been reported as spam by our plugins and APIs from various websites. You can report a spam email or IP address that has spam activity on your website.

anti spam plugin

We provide plugins and APIs to block forum spam, board spam, blog spam, website spam with its spam propagation, website form abuse and other annoyances. We strive to make the Internet safer by helping webmasters and site owners prevent malicious activity.

We have developed fast and simple plugins for the most popular CMS such as WordPress spam protection plugin, Joomla, Drupal and other plugins. If you're getting email from people outside of your contact list, spam, comments, signups, or other nasty email messages, it's time to add spam protection to your website.

Includes Astra and Elementor Pro

Delegate WordPress maintenance to experts

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