What is Cloudlinux?

CloudLinux, operating system for Hosting

Security, performance and stability

Service included in shared hosting plans, optional in cloud or dedicated plans

Cloud Linux OS

What is Cloud Linux OS?

CloudLinux OS is the leading platform for "multitenancy" (multiple tenants). Improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each user and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that is more like a virtual server than to a shared hosting account. By doing so, CloudLinux OS reduces operating costs and churn rates, increasing your bottom line.

CloudLinux OS is designed for shared hosting providers. Isolates each client in a “Lightweight Virtualized Environment” (LVE) that partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, such as memory, CPU, and connections, for each tenant. This ensures that tenants cannot jeopardize the stability of their servers, causing all sites to slow down or even stop. The CloudLinux operating system also "cages" tenants with each other to prevent security breaches. Thus, unstable scripts or malware cannot spread across your clients' sites, causing serious damage to all.

The results you can expect

CloudLinux OS works with thousands of hosting companies. See improvements in server performance, resource utilization, and margins.


Fewer restarts


Fewer customer churn


Less customer churn


Fewer tickets for performance issues


Less resource utilization

CloudLinux OS is balance

stabilize your server

Protect your servers from performance spikes avoiding slowdowns and downtime thanks to the power of limiting / dividing resources per user. I reduced resource spikes and support costs.

The LVE manager gives you full control over CPU, IO, memory, number of processes and concurrent connections per user. It limits 'resource abusers', giving noble clients the stability they need to sell at all times.

MySQL is one of the main causes of problems on a shared server. MySQL Governor monitors MySQL usage and fights abusers, preventing them from overloading the server and improving overall stability and performance.

Stability is the key to success in shared hosting: stable servers give you and your customers peace of mind. The stability of the CloudLinux operating system prevents resource spikes by turning your stable servers even in the most critical situations.

CloudLinux OS is trusted

secure your server

Isolate tenants in "cages" to increase security. Users only have access to secure files and their own processes. They will never be able to find or see other users of the same server.

CageFS uniquely encapsulates each client preventing users from seeing each other or discovering sensitive information. Prevents a huge repertoire of attacks, including privilege escalation and information disclosure.

In older versions of PHP, including the widely used 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4, vulnerabilities, even if discovered, are not patched by the PHP.net community. HardenedPHP fixes those vulnerabilities and secure old and unsupported versions.

Secure Links is a powerful core-level technology that prevents all known symlink attacks, which further enhances the level of server security from the heart of the hardware.

CloudLinux OS is peace of mind

Security Tools

The lightweight, virtualized CloudLinux OS environment is based on kernel-level technology that isolates each “tenant” into their own environment and resources specific to their individual account. If the account reaches the limit, other users on the same server will not experience slowdowns since the isolated client is suffocated immediately. This compartmentalized protection eliminates resource spikes, server overloads and, not least, it will prevent phone calls from clients complaining about you.

CloudLinux OS is versatility

Make your server profitable

Maximize the profitability of your servers by increasing density, offering customers more options, scaling customers to higher plans without having to move servers, and thus reducing support costs.

Host more clients on a single server by allocating resources to enable the highest density of tenants, with up to 80% of server utilization.

With PHP Chooser, your customers will have the flexibility to choose any PHP version they need, including 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and 7.0. CloudLinux OS also ensures that PHP is updated quickly, making sites more secure and customers happy.

The Ruby Selector allows your clients choose a version of Ruby for applications and install additional modules (gems) in the application environment.

Python Selector allows your clients choose python version as application. They will also be able to install additional modules with ease.

CloudLinux OS is control

Stability Characteristics

The high level of stability provided by the CloudLinux operating system makes each server more secure and efficient. You will be able to multiply the number of clients on each server keeping the resources of your plan intact and without any stress. By avoiding resource spikes, it is possible dramatically improve the usefulness of your servers. Before the CloudLinux operating system, it was impossible to use the 20–30% of a server without affecting its stability, but now you can use up to 80% of your server at all times. you will also see increased your profitability thanks to the high level of security provided by the CloudLinux operating system: highly secure servers allow your customers to enjoy secure shared hosting, radically reducing support queries.

By setting resource limits for each customer, you also create upsell opportunities every time a user reaches their limit. When a user reaches the limit, you can scale it or plan better without the need to move your account to another server. Furthermore, by creating hosting packages based on resource utilization and flexibility features (such as support for multiple PHP versions) you can completely change your pricing and save old customers while attracting new ones. As a result of this expanded offer, there are real chances of increasing profits.

CloudLinux OS is speed

That your server has a high performance

Resource allocation per tenant, and limits for CPU, IO, and memory, reduce server loads. When combined with our performance-enhancing features, this ensures you get the fastest possible servers on the market with today's hardware.

Mod_lsapi is the fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP pages. It has a small memory footprint and understands PHP directives from .htaccess files.
Also, it doesn't have the typical stability issues in processes like PHP FPM and mod_fcgid.

PHP X-Ray provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks involving WordPress. If a site has slow plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, this new tool helps pinpoint the underlying problem.

Centralized monitoring allows administrators to monitor all of their servers, determine the load on each and identify the users that create the greatest load. If a domain is using an excessive amount of CPU, memory, or disk resources, this tool helps control it.


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