CloudLinux, more stable and efficient servers

We update our hosting platform with the new operating system CloudLinux, the platform that allows us to continue being the unique with a guarantee of actual uptime. Still don't know our quality policies? If your site goes down, we'll refund your payment.

Today, in the shared hosting environment, your site is hosted on the same server as other sites, your "digital neighbors". Although it is not common, if any of these sites suffers a problem, it can affect all the sites hosted within the same server.

With CloudLinux and its technology LVE (lightweight virtualized environments), each account is isolated from its neighbors, so that any inconvenience is contained within the corresponding plan exclusively.

This means that if any of your neighbors get a spike in traffic, your site and server will continue to function without any issues.

From now on, your site will have the following benefits without the need for you to take any action at all:

  • Greater stability, reducing the risk that your site is down.
  • More stable and efficient servers, allowing us to maintain best servers instead of more servers.

How do I know the consumption of my site?

From now on, if you enter your control panel, you will be able to see the number of processes, CPU and memory consumption.

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