Compost Well

Compost Well is a venture launched in 2014, out of enthusiasm and to spread a message.

We share the testimony of José Zamora about how he started and his path doing what he likes.

How and why did you get started with Compostate Well?

My name Pepo Zamora, 35 years old. I started Compostate Bien after discovering compost, kind of by accident. After moving to Saavedra, I had a terrace with more space and with the intention of filling it with plants, I began to nerd it on the Internet.

I learned about composting in forums… I couldn't believe the amount of organic waste it generated! Something that he previously called “trash”, now he could take advantage of it.

I devised a device with paint buckets, since I had leftovers from the work, and I adapted and redesigned them to use them as a compost bin. With the help of my uncle, who has it clear with compost bins, I made the first one for myself.

When a friend saw it, she asked me for one, and between the enthusiasm of what I was learning, and the surprise that it generated in me the first time I harvested compost, I decided that more people should know about this.

I started the venture with a web page, a page on Facebook, then Instagram, and began to spread the value of organic waste, and its transformation into compost, organic fertilizer and start a garden, in your house and start generating less garbage.

From 2014 to today, we keep moving forward step by step.

What advantages did building your website give you?

The site allowed me position myself and share information to better explain the product.

6 years ago when I started, compost was not talked about as much as today, and explaining it could sometimes be complicated, especially for those who hear the word for the first time.

I took advantage of my knowledge of advertising to upload good photos, videos, and thus resolve the main doubts of a consumer who does not know the product. The videos and gifs helped me a lot to explain the compost bin module.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their business?

I believe that undertaking is a journey with whom you have to be very aligned on purpose. You have to really want to do it, because if you are not convinced, you will lower your arms and stay in the middle.

It seems to me that today that we are so connected, having an online presence is essential to be able to publicize your project.

My advice is: If you really dream it, we have to start. You learn along the way, little by little, and own experience is better than any advice. You have to jump in the pool and do it.

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