cPanel & WHM Version 66

cPanel, Inc. has released version 66 of cPanel & WHM and in this note we will review some of the new features of this update.

New cPanel Feature: Application Manager

Application Manager is a new interface for cPanel. In this first version you will be able to add and manage your applications Ruby with ease in an enhanced interface, backed by the power of Easy Apache 4 Y Phusion Passenger.
You can review the official documentation in English from here.

Remote incremental backups

In cPanel & WHM 66, users can now take full advantage of the speed and ease of incremental backups, along with the peace of mind that remote storage offers.

google drive

With cPanel & WHM version 66, you can now set up your Google Drive account with backups as a remote destination. For more information, you can refer to the official google drive setup documentation and of backup.

Metadata for backups

In cPanel and WHM version 66, the backup system now uses the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/backups_create_metadata script to allow a user to create metadata files for all backups. It also retrieves information about a backup or a specific user. For more information, you can read the official documentation about the metadata for backups.


With cPanel & WHM version 66, it is now possible to configure backups to use Rsync as a remote destination. Added support for remote incremental backups using the Rsync transport. Also, all Rsync transport interfaces have been improved for a cleaner display. For more information, you can read the official documentation of backup configuration.


Developer News

Define domains for AutoSSL

cPanel users can now define which domains SSL certificates should be issued to within the SSL/TLS status interface.
In cPanel & WHM version 66, the ability to exclude individual domains from AutoSSL through the interface has been added. SSL TLS Status  (Home > Security > SSL/TLS Status).
You can find here the official documentation in English.

modern Ruby

As part of the work done to add the Application Manager, Cpanel 66 now provides an updated version of Ruby (version 2.4.1).

New feature: Application Manager

The Application manager is a completely new interface for cPanel (Home > Software > Application Manager). In its first version you can add and manage your most modern Ruby applications and define environment variables, all this with the power of passengers.

If you want to see the complete information, here You can find the official documentation in English.

Manage WordPress from cPanel

Along with the new version of cPanel/WHM 66 the new WordPress Manager interface has been released (Home > Applications > WordPress Manager) as just another cPanel plugin. The WordPress Manager interface will allow you to manage WordPress installations in your own cPanel account.
For each WordPress installation you have installed you will have access to the following information:

  • The public URL.
  • The location of the Wordpress installation on disk.
  • Your version.
  • Find out if automatic updates are enabled.
  • Know the WordPress administrative URL.
  • View the WordPress Administrator username.
  • Display the name of the WordPress database.
  • Display the username of the WordPress database.
  • Check the database table prefix.

In addition, this interface allows you to update the following passwords:

  • The WordPress Admin password.
  • The password of the WordPress database user.


What's new for administrators

The new cPanel will notify you of potentially abusive email users.

Server administrators will now be notified when a domain exceeds a defined threshold of emails per 24-hour range.

In cPanel and WHM version 66, the ability to limit the number of emails a domain can send per day has been added. If the limit set by the administrator is exceeded, the system will trigger a notification within the Mail section of the WHM Fine Tuning Settings interface (Home > System Settings > Fine Adjustments). Note: The default value is "unlimited emails".

  • In order to count the outgoing emails of each account, this function uses the TailWatch script, a module that monitors for 24-hour frames, creating log files every 60 minutes.
  • When a new time starts, the system deletes the file recorded for the previous time.
  • The system monitors outgoing mail from subdomains and domains independently.


Managing EasyApache 4 Profiles

Now you can manage your EasyApache 4 profiles with ease! Create, download, and upload all profiles from within WHM itself.

In cPanel and WHM version 66 the Ruby customization option via the Passenger profile was added to WHM's EasyApache 4 interface (Home > Software > EasyApache 4). This option allows you to configure EasyApache 4 support for Ruby applications that you deploy through your cPanel's Application Manager interface (Home > Software > Application Manager).

For more information about EasyApache profiles, you can read the official English documentation of Easy Apache 4 Interface.

Backup destination: Google Drive

System administrators can now push their server backups to their own Google® Drive with ease.

WHM frameless

WHM's backend design has been brought into the 21st century with the removal of all structural frameworks, dramatically improving the mobile experience.

The WHM interface has historically mutated from two framesets and three frames in cPanel & WHM version 62, to no frame or frameset in cPanel/WHM version 66.

Plugin developers must now explicitly include the WHM header and footer template files in custom interface files.

WHM interfaces that are opened in frames and iframes now hide the WHM left navigation menu by default.

For more information, read the official documentation about the WHM plugin guide.

News for all users

Update phpMyAdmin to 4.7

PhpMyAdmin has been updated from 4.6 to 4.7. You can find all the new and improved features here.

CPHulk now uses SQLite

cPanel & WHM 66 updated the cPHulk service to use SQLite. SQLite eliminates the need for a MySQL database and database user to run the cPHulk service.

  • Upgrading from cPanel & WHM version 64 to cPanel & WHM version 66 automatically converts existing cPHulk databases from MySQL to SQLite.
  • After the update, the conversion cannot be reversed.
  • If you want to access your old data, any previously existing MySQL databases will remain on the server after the upgrade.

Easier to navigate Webdisk and FileManager

Updates and improvements to the Webdisk and FileManager interface have made user interaction easier. The interface has been updated web-disk cPanel (Start > Files > Web Disk) to simplify instructions for accessing Web Disk accounts across multiple clients and devices.

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