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Database Cleaner Pro

The database can be thought of as that room, full of file cabinets, that accumulates all the documents, records and acts of a website. Themes, plugins, comments, settings, and just about everything keep an inventory in different folders in those file cabinets. Following the example, in a matter of time there is misplacing, orphan sheets, obsolete records, errors... Who orders and cleans all that mess today? I present to you: Database Cleaner.

Database Cleaner Pro

What does Database Cleaner do?

The name is explicit enough: Database Cleaner is a component created to clean the databases of WordPress sites. Its objective, for practical purposes, is speed up our website. This is noticeable in the tests we have carried out, especially when our site went through different Themes, Plugins and/or versions of them, has many comments or even replaced your builder. For example, from Divi to Elementor, and/or from Elementor to Gutenberg.

The mere act of activating a plugin, testing it, and then deactivating and deleting it often leaves traces or orphaned data in our database.

As careful as we are with our WordPress site, maintaining it, removing what we don't use, debugging comments, it's virtually impossible not to generate bits of useless information, even errors in our database. These fragments may go unnoticed by the naked eye, but, nevertheless, take up useless space in our database making our site slow.

Database Cleaner was born this same 2022 and was received with very positive reviews from the community. The developer is constantly working on improving and increasing its functionality based on the feedback from its users.

Note: for now it does not include Spanish translation.

How does Database Cleaner work?

This component analyzes all the records (tables) of our database looking for erroneous information, obsolete fragments (a plugin that we removed but that did not delete its part of the database when it was uninstalled), and much more.

  • It does not shrink in front of giant databases.

Database Cleaner is the only one of its kind because it handles large database files via controlled and intelligent calls (in jargon, smart queries). Thanks to his method, the analysis that it gives us is carried out in seconds, and with precision.

  • You are aware of the specific ecosystem of our site.

The diagnosis and consequent optimization recommendations that it makes are based on an exhaustive tour of all the database tables in contrast to the active plugins and Themes. This allows you to submit a specific report that considers the present and history of our current website.

  • It seeks to speed up our site indeed.

Although Database Cleaner recognizes temporary files, garbage fragments and errors in our database (and removes them), its greatest strength is optimize our site. In a nutshell, this component intelligently finds and measures the composition of tables, reordering the information so that lookups (wanted) are done as quickly as possible. It can be thought of as a defragmentation of our hard drive.

  • One-click optimization.

Are we not interested in technical details or exhaustive reports? Do we just want to speed up our WordPress site with one click? Excellent, Database Cleaner is for us.

Note: we should always make a backup of our databases. This will provide us with an "undo" in case something goes wrong.

Database Cleaner PRO included in our service Managed WordPress

Trying the free version

The free version of Database Cleaner is installed like any other WordPress plugin. Just resort to...

click to zoom

Downloaded and activated the plugin, we will see it here:

Despite the fact that the interface presents us with several tabs to investigate, the one that matters to us for exclusively practical purposes is this one (top screenshot). Remember that the AutoClean button performs general tasks by default. The rest of the tabs are annexes with reports, manual options and technical details. The content that we see in these tabs will depend exclusively on the ecosystem of our website, that is, the version of PHP, the components that we have active and those that were once active, the tables that were created (their origin and names), the inherent data to the builder, to the Theme, etc. For example:

The Database PRO version presents extended information of the Tables created as displayed here (“used by”).

on the flap Boards we can review all of different data Tables. Their Name Y weight, but we also check if it was created by WordPress itself, a Theme or a component. This is useful because, in case we detect a table created long ago by a component or Theme that we stopped using, we can delete it in case Database Cleaner has not done it.

The rocket icon allows us to optimize this Table, but we recommend reading the official walkthrough of the plugin. The idea is to improve our site and NOT cause a conflict by not knowing what we are doing.

As we can imagine, the red icon of the bin deletes the Data Table in question. Of course, before touching it we must take into account two things: a previously made backup, and a good reason to delete it.

PRO version

The paid version, called 'PRO' as it usually happens, contains all the functionalities of the free version adding the possibility to configure the plugin in Automatic mode. This means that the cleaning and optimization tasks will be added to the CronJobs of our WordPress, being applied in a scheduled manner every so often.

Also, add the column Use for to the Tables tab.


Yes ok Database Cleaner is a new plugin, we can be sure that it hit the pitch with everything. It is evident that its development was brainy, that it is the product of a generous collection of behaviors and data from various websites, and that efficiency was sought under a simple interface.

If we put in the balance that so many other plugins of the kind have not been updated for years, and that this one, on the other hand, since it came out has been progressively improved and increased according to user feedback, we are facing the best WordPress cleaner of the present . Try it, and write us in the comments.

This PRO version plugin and many other components in its Premium versions are included for free in our Managed WordPress service



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