Declare love, not war

Have you ever stopped to reflect on how email marketing campaigns are described? Have you heard your customers talk about “mass email” and “mailings”? More than imagining ourselves sending some emails to our subscribers, it seems like a declaration of war!

If our clients (and ourselves) think of our email campaigns as “invasions” or “explosions”, we are going to be tempted to act in ways that we would never embrace in a real human conversation.

The more we see our audience as passive recipients of a massive message, the less likely we are to reflect on what works best for communication. Email is such a personal medium that it is a terrible waste of time to send an email to everyone without any filter or segmentation.

So what do we do if we want to change our paradigm?

Here we suggest two courses of action: stop using war metaphors like 'mailing' or “e-blast”. Encourage your customers to think about their emails for conversation starters and updates. It seems like a small detail, but it can influence decision making.

Make your emails more personalized by using tools like segmentation, custom fields, and analytics. This will help you stop thinking of your readers as a single mass and begin to see them as individuals.

email marketing it must be a conversation, and not an invasion.

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