digital office

Times change, and the system imposes new measures and adaptations to the current times.

One of the advantages that the Internet and online platforms give us is that many of the tasks that required an office or a physical store can now be replaced by Internet-accessible applications.

increased comfort, automations and efficiency in the time invested allows us to dedicate ourselves to our product, to perfect what we do with peace of mind.

Online shifts

One of the most repetitive functions of an office is obtaining, modifying and canceling appointments.

For it, We have an online tool to online shifts that will allow you to display a calendar on your website. Over there, clients and users will be able to see the available shifts, reserve them, pay for them and/or modify them.

Payments and Collections

Payments for shift services usually take time, require security and dedicated personnel to handle them.

Our shift platform is integrated with all credit cards, Easy Payment and Rapipago, allowing customers to book and pay for shifts digitally.

All charges will go to your MercadoPago account, and from there to your bank account.

Support and administration

Maintaining a fast and secure website requires knowledge of WordPress, secure hosting and support that responds to any eventuality.

At Duplika we have more than 15 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. We are available in case of any query or doubt about our services.

Example clients:

We are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for the advice you need.

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