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edrweb is an agency professional web design by Emiliano del Rivero, who chose us to host his site and that of his clients in our hosting plans.

We share their comments below:

How and why did you start with edweb?

I am a programmer graduated from the UBA, with a degree in Computer Science. I worked for many years in a company where I developed software, but then I decided to launch my personal business. Today I dedicate myself to professional web design specialized in WordPress.

What advantages did choosing Duplika as your hosting provider give you?

Both for personal use and for my clients, I tried many hosting companies, both from Argentina and abroad. As I am very detailed with issues that have to do with the stability and performance of websites, one day, reviewing the technical issues that each company offered me, I decided on Duplika. And I don't regret it: I got the best performance results on my sites and those of my clients, as well as impeccable stability.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their business?

To those who start a business and want to get their place on the internet, I always recommend that they prioritize simplicity and performance. Today, most users access web pages from mobile devices and seek immediate results, whether they are looking to purchase a product or service, or to get information. A stable, secure and fast site is the most important thing, and they are the ones that rank best in search engines.

We thank Emiliano for taking the time to respond to the interview, and we are honored by his words and assessments. Thank you for choosing Duplika!

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