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Elementor is the most used website builder on the planet with more than 8 million active installations. The reason for this giant number of admins using it can be boiled down to two words: versatility and accuracy.

Why? Because it is as flexible and multifaceted as it is exact from the customization of each size, each space, each column in pixels. It is compatible with the most popular components and themes. It also makes it possible to perform features on our site that would require advanced programming, but we don't have to type a single line of code. In this analysis we will its main advantages and also the differences with the PRO version.


It is possible to download the standard (free) version of the Elementor builder here

Creating the site of our dreams

Elementor was built for web designers, content developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs alike. It is a very advanced tool that allows you to create pages and content practically without any artistic limitations. On the contrary, it favors the layout, customization and preparation of both Landing Pages and Blog Posts. It is even recommended to mount a Online store since it fuses perfectly with components of the caliber of WooCommerce.

Main Design Features

All-in-one solution

From the comfortable right sidebar, almost a catalog of objects and tools, you can create and customize content blocks such as Titles, Paragraphs, Images, Carousels, Dropdowns, Videos, etc.. You will soon understand why it is so popular: it is simple to use, and as flexible as it is powerful.

perfect pixels

Elementor prides itself on being the only complete site building platform that offers a exact design in pixel measurements. Accuracy is complemented by clean code. Your design vision will not be disappointed: you will be able to create your impressive website, made entirely to measure.

Characteristics of Main Tools

typical elemental blocks

visual composer

Customize each part of your site according to your tastes, needs and imagination. Elementor allows you to create beautiful websites with a very agile learning curve. Explore the visual theme composer to customize your header, footer, and other areas of your site without any limitations.

Popup Windows

Elementor makes it easy to create so-called “pop-ups”. You will be able to create popups that stand out and captivate, respecting the rest of your design or not. Include content in these windows will complement the information and experience What do you offer to your visitors?

WordPress widgets

Elementor comes out of the box with over 80 different Elements for your Widgets. Take advantage of the complete set of dedicated tools that will help you generate more traffic, leads and conversions. You will no longer need dozens of plugins; Elementor brings it all together so you can build right away without requiring third parties.

100% Compatibility

Elementor works perfectly with any plugin and theme. prepared to be compatible with almost any theme out there, including WordPress plugins. This means you can continue to use your favorite tools while taking your work to the next level.

Marketing Features

More traffic, more leads

Elementor was prepared from its tools so that you generate more traffic, that is, leads, conversions, and sales. You will be able design forms visually and integrate them with your favorite marketing tools. There are no limits on the number and design of calls to action. You can even embed forms within your popups to get leads to every section of your site.


Elementor is extensible and developer friendly. If your marketing tools rely on calls or code inclusions, Elementor is ready for it. Thousands of developers have contributed to the open source project behind Elementor, creating themes, plugins, and products. Today, the features and tools of Elementor have multiplied by a thousand.

Get more power and features with Elementor PRO

Elementor PRO is the most complete version of Elementor, and it costs USD49 PER YEAR. However, if you contracted our service Managed WordPress We give it to you at no cost.

Next, we tell you about its main characteristics

Full control of your design from the Theme Builder

You will be able to design, customize and manage the essential elements of your website from the Elementor PRO Theme Builder: Header, Footer, 404 Error Page, Single Post, Single Page, Archive and Product Page and WooCommerce Products Archive.

Access to more than 60 Professional Widgets

Improve and exponentially your designs and create advanced content on your website thanks to the revolutionary professional Elementor Pro widgets- Premium Media Display Widgets, Social Media Widgets, Menu Widgets, Single Post Widgets, Marketing Widgets and much more.

Customize your Site with Dynamic Content

Elementor PRO allows you to create fluid content on your website based exclusively on your visits. Personalize your users' experience using unique landing pages. You can also define a unique layout for a group of pages.

Create a strong and powerful store

Design and visually customize every part of your store however you want. Create your own product catalog, individual product pages, and add to cart experience to your form. Promote your store with designer-created landing pages, pop-ups, forms, and more.

Animations and movements

Elementor PRO allows you to create animations of different types of content with ease. Design advanced animations and motion effects with tools like: parallax scrolls, pan and tilt, transparencies, 3D tilt, rotate, blur and scale, mouse tracking behaviors and more. And none of this requires you to know how to program.

These are just some of the additional tools that Elementor Pro brings. As if that were not enough, this component in its paid version is equipped with more than 300 templates designed by professionals. It also includes the possibility of visualize CSS changes in real time, customize fonts, embed content embed wherever you want and, of course, access to the PRO upgrades permanent.

Elementor in its free version is already a site builder that lets us do everything, easily and however we want. However, once you try the PRO paid version the advantages are significant and therefore it is difficult to go back. Actually, the development of the PRO makes everything even easier, in addition to equipping us with many more tools and possibilities that will make our visitors talk.

We hope you liked the note and, as always, you can leave your queries in our form or write to [email protected]. We read and reply to all messages. Good luck and thanks for reading.

Elementor PRO included for free in our Managed WordPress service



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