Email marketing integrated with Google Analytics

The use of Google Analytics for the analysis of website statistics is already common.

The utilities provided by this free Google tool are many, and, from now on, it incorporates the collection of statistical data of the campaigns sent from our platform.

If, in addition, we have Objectives configured within analytics, we can answer, for example, the following questions:

  • How many people hired my service?
  • If I have an e-commerce site, how much money in sales did my campaign generate?
  • How many people completed my contact form?

Next, we will detail the simple steps to complete the integration:

1. Log in to your account Google Analytics and get the tracking code.
2. Go to Lists, Manage Lists and edit the list you want to integrate.
3. Select the tab External Statistics.
4. Complete the code obtained previously.

5. Complete the domain to which you will send traffic from your email marketing campaigns (Notice: Complete it without www. Example:

Once these steps are finished, we can proceed to send any campaign and, 24 hours after being scheduled, we will begin to see the reports within Google Analytics. Easy, but above all invaluable.

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