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How to improve WordPress email delivery

A fairly common problem in WordPress is that, for different reasons that we will review in this note, the emails sent from the platform are automatically filtered as spam.

Why are emails filtered?

The emails that WordPress sends they usually have no format: they are sent via PHPmail, and the sender is not defined, so PHP and the server establish an account of the hostname of the server (such as [email protected]).

This causes the filters of many mail providers - such as Gmail or Outlook - to filter emails automatically, since a similar sender is an indicator of possible spam.

Send WordPress emails via SMTP

If we configure WordPress to use an SMTP account instead of phpmail for sending emails, this action will help providers improve their filter scores. This gives greater credibility to our shipments, reducing the chances of our emails being filtered.

There are numerous plugins that favor this. We recommend Fluent SMTP. Why? Because the configuration is very simple and we can do it with the SMTP data that we are using.

If your site is hosted with us, all you have to do is send us a support ticket and we'll take care of setting it up.

FluentSMTP Configuration

When installing the plugin, we must add a mail connection, we choose Other SMTP:

Then we go to the SMTP settings. There we will use an email account of our domain previously created.

We activate SSL and Authentication to validate our shipments.

WordPress Experts

We configure the plugin for you if you host the site with us



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