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One of the obstacles or complications that online stores often encounter is the lack of a practical but at the same time complete solution when it comes to offering its users specific filters. WooCommerce, like so many other store software, has the usual methods to filter product results: classic, typical filters, such as product category, price ordering, publication date... They are filters that solve most of the rather obvious needs, and overall it's ok.

But, What happens when our store needs to filter by type of material, by nationality of origin of an import, or by dimensions? And how do we neatly organize all those filters, putting them within reach or hiding them away waiting for our customers to need them? For all this, the people behind Better WP has created FilterWP.


Easy creator of filters and grids of results

Add filters or grids for our portfolio, e-commerce or website in WordPress it stops being something difficult thanks to FilterWP. In fact, in many cases we even needed a programmer to be able to customize our product catalogs according to specific filters typical of our niche. FilterWP is an intuitive solution that allows us to design our filters and catalog presentations very, very easily..

Main features

easy and fast

The unique single-view admin panel makes it easy and intuitive to create grid and filter layouts.


FilterWP's interface is programmed to respond at the speed of light, with no delays or annoying loading instances.

Filtered out
flexible and powerful

Numerous sets of filters, sorters and search functions improve the usability of your content ensuring satisfaction.

clip art

It includes pre-built content cards so you can start using FilterWP without wasting time. You can customize them or create new ones.

friendly with
the developers

FilterWP allows you to control the style and layout with a built-in Native Code Editor. You can also create your own templates.


The component is programmed to work in conjunction with Oxygen, Divi, WooCommerce, Elementor, ACF and Gutenberg.

Compatible with

online demo

The following image is a screenshot of the actual operation of the Filter WP component together with the Elementor builder for a WooCommerce store. Click on the image to go to the page where there is an online demo.

FilterWP PREMIUM version is included in our service Managed WordPress.

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