How did Duplika start?

How Duplika started

We turned 18 years old.

January 10, 2005 can be considered as the founding day of Duplika when domain is registered.

A couple of years before, during 2003, Juan Manuel worked in communication and web design for Free market, which was then a young company offering an e-commerce platform. It is there where he was able to verify that both local and international hosting service providers (web hosting) they were not up to the demand that users required.

Making the two services compatible, hosting and web development, was the key. And under this premise Duplika was born.

What is hosting

Web hosting is the service that allows any individual or company to store all the content that is required to be accessible by all Internet users.

The web hosting analogy is perfectly equivalent to the concept of 'hotel', and web development would be equivalent to the users of this hotel.

It would not take more than one or two rooms to accommodate a typical family, but these spaces would not be enough if we had to accommodate a delegation of 200 people.

The same goes for the category of this hotel; Officially, there are from 1 to 5 stars. It is clear that quality standards are rising as well as their stars, and Exactly the same thing happens with web hosting..

(More about hosting here).

Differentiating ourselves was the key

Duplika begins its journey offering a premium hosting (5-star hotel) to the extent required by the web development of its clients, adapting the necessary resources of its servers to the real traffic of the web pages that are visited.

All this with the premise of guaranteeing the maximum possible stability and security.

One of our projects from that early period was none other than Mozilla, through your site spread firefox, which was housed in Duplika from 2005 until its disappearance in 2008, making us one of the main Spanish-speaking broadcasters of the Open Source.

Little by little they joined the service that we provide large companies such as bonafide, premium taxi, and even the largest NGO in Latin America: A roof for my country. Thus we arrive at the year 2009 where Duplika implements the very important guarantee of Uptime.

Ensuring the stability of services

This guarantee is the measure of reliability of the operating system of Duplika's machines. Our servers work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without having to be restarted for administrative or maintenance purposes. For 9 years now, our servers have been running uninterrupted.

This milestone makes Duplika the supplier of one of the leading banks in the capital market:  Bank of Credit and Securitization BACS.

Always true to its principle of continuous improvement, in 2010 Duplika launched its Plans for cloudhosting, becoming a pioneer company in Argentina in development and implementation of scalable hosting.
The versatility of the Cloud infrastructure means that companies that host their website on Duplika have a satisfactory response to connection spikes or excess demand.


 Constant hardware renewal

In 2011, Duplika incorporates cisco firewall.

This has allowed it to turn its customers' network into a secure environment with a complex system of protection layers, which detects suspicious activities even in encrypted traffic. Duplika customers start with a sensor that can detect and respond to threats wherever they occur.

Already in 2012, Duplika is the first Argentine company to migrate all servers with storage in traditional magnetic hard drives to SSD solid state drives.

These new disks write and read the blocks of information without the intervention of mechanical aids, so they are not susceptible to damage due to wear. Another of the main advantages of SSD disks is the relative speed, which is 20 to 100 times greater.

 technology partners

As of 2013, Duplika becomes a partner of Cloudflare Inc., the largest US company providing Internet security services as well as website acceleration through a vast content delivery network.

A) Yes, Duplika has the network with the largest number of connections to Internet exchange points in the world.

In April 2014, Duplika buys OportHost beginning a stage of acquisitions of companies dedicated to web hosting with the aim of promoting its growth and leadership plan within the sector.

In November 2014, continuing with this line of thought, and also targeting new international markets, Duplika buys Hosteris from Mexico.

Arrived at the month of July of the year 2015, Duplika suffers a brutal 20 Gb/s DDoS attack that could be resisted recovering all the services in only 72 hours.

The DDoS attack is usually caused by a competitor company or a hacker, who carry it out by generating a gigantic flow of information from various connection points located in different countries to the same destination point. This invasion of false requests causes an unmanageable overload for the victim servers, which cannot continue to provide their normal service.

A very insignificant number of clients who did not understand the magnitude of the attack suffered decided not to continue with Duplika, but the vast majority have remained faithful, maintaining their trust by verifying that in record time it was possible to overcome the crisis of one of the most important DDoS attacks of the year 2015.

The year 2015 was also the year in which technology was incorporated HTTP/2

This new protocol, in its second major version, brought the novelty of a very important Increased upload speed up to 60% in conventional websites, and up to 55% in those that incorporate SSL security encryption.

Arrived at the year 2016 and thinking about the importance of security for all its customers, Duplika incorporates Free SSL. An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer or secure socket layer) is a global security standard that allows encrypted data transfer between a browser and a web server. The exchange of information between our clients' website and its visitors is absolutely free from unwanted persons. Duplika thus guarantees safety above all else, and it does so at no cost for all the plans it offers.

Year 2017. It is the year of the improvement and total renovation of the hardware composed of:

  • Enterprise Disks. The entire Duplika storage system is now made up of Enterprise Class SSD drives that are designed for active use 24 hours a day and differ in several factors from normal Client Class drives, including it can highlight the ability to support higher write workloads, withstand more extreme environmental conditions, and provide greater resiliency. All this leads to a huge improvement in Performance and Reliability, which for Duplika are the most important keys to a premium service for all its customers.
  • processors Intel Xeon Dual Xeon E5-2620 v4 16 core

Duplika incorporates these processors that are designed for high-performance computing, networking, and storage. They are specially developed for professional use in the most important data centers in the world due to their high-performance platform. They are highly efficient at supporting huge workloads and high virtual machine densities, both in the data center and in the cloud. They are recognized as the processors designed to create the next generation of data centers.

Come 2018, Duplika has 2,500+ customers who trust you with their 8,755 valuable websites. Stores, factories, banks, independent professionals, foundations and political parties have given Duplika the enormous responsibility of transmitting their content on the network.

The pride could not be greater.



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