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How to create email accounts in cPanel

In this quick guide we explain how to create email accounts with the powerful cPanel control panel. Also how to access them, manage them and other tools that may be very practical for you.

First please log in to your Dashboard via the following address:

After accessing, click here:

Once this is done, we will see a screen with the create button. It is what we must click to create new email accounts. If there are previously created mailboxes, we also see them here (if we have never created any account, the columns will logically appear empty). More on this screen later.

After this step we will access the screen for creating a new box. In the highlighted field below with an orange box we will enter the name of the box WITHOUT

For example, we can enter juan.perez either management either sales either info either Contact or any other box name according to our need.

In the lower field we will create a password. If we wish, we can click on the button “Generate” to create a random but extremely strong password. A weak password, meanwhile, would be 123456 or our name and a year or something a robot could reveal by automatically trying obvious combinations of numbers and words.

The system indicates with bars the security of our password. This will serve as a guide to be calm.

After entering a password that the system validates as secure, we will click on the blue button “create" and ready!

On the screen that follows we will see a confirmation message and, in addition, our newly created box.

Next to the box, three buttons may be useful.

First, check email, allows us to access webmail, that is, the online client to write emails, delete, create rules, folders, etc. The first window presents us with several options and tools, but if we only want to enter the email created, we will click on the button indicated in the screenshot below.

Let us also remember that forever we can enter our emails comfortably via the address

Returning to the cPanel login screen, we point out tools that could eventually be useful, such as the creation of emails from autoresponder or rules of filtered out. On their side, the forwarders They are useful for redirecting incoming mail from one mailbox to any other. For example, we can forward the emails that juan.perez receives to [email protected]

The second button next to the email created, "Manage", will allow us to manage the mailbox.

After clicking, we will see the following control panel. In the capture we explain every detail.

The third button of "Connect Devices" makes it easy for us to configure our mail in different clients and platforms. For example, in Outlook. Notice that the first section of the panel creates configuration files for different alternatives. With that file that we will download we will be able to incorporate our mail to the selected platform with a click. We also have the configuration data to perform this action in a way Handbook.

With this we have finished our quick guide to creating, configuring and managing mailboxes. If you have any doubts, you can write us in the comments or at Contact.

Success in your endeavors, and thanks for reading.

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