how to delegate domain to hosting

How to delegate my domain (to the hosting provider)?

In simple words, delegate a domain it means that we are going to SPECIFY the server in which a domain must go to look for the content (files) of a website. For example, if we host in Duplika, the delegation process basically implies that we must enter the duplika dns.

The procedure is carried out via Remote procedures / and requires AFIP fiscal key. Here we present a step by step guide. delegation guide updated to 2022

We start by entering

On the main page of said site we will click on the upper button "Enter", indicated in the capture below.

A pop-up window will open with several options. However, in Argentina usually we will enter via fiscal key. (Don't you have a tax code? Enter here).

Breasts will redirect to the Afip page. Don't worry, it's the right path.

There we will enter with our tax code.

After having filled in our data correctly, we will be returned to the Remote Procedures site.

Here we will click on the blue button of Start Process under the title of NICar – Registrations, Renewals and Other Operations.

Now we will see a list of all the domains that we have acquired. Note that the button we need, "delegate", will be found in the corresponding line, as seen in the screenshot below.

We'll click on it.

In the new screen we will see the empty columns of Host, IPv4, IPv6 and Actions since the domain is new. Therefore, we must select "Add a new delegation" to be able to enter the DNS that our hosting provider gave us.

After clicking on the link indicated in the screenshot above, a field will open to be able to write the DNS.

We repeat the operation to enter more DNS (generally it is enough to enter two DNS, the "primary" and the "secondary"). The lower capture graphs it clearly.

Finally, we must execute the changes by pressing the corresponding button, indicated in the screenshot below.

Next we must verify, in the corresponding column, that the domain has been delegated.

From now on, a process begins on the internet called "DNS propagation". Precisely, it is the process in which propagates the action that we have just committed throughout the web so that our site can be accessed under the designated hosting from anywhere in the world.

Don't despair...

The propagation of DNS, that is, that our changes take effect and we can access our site, takes up to 24 hours.

As always, we invite you to leave your doubts in the comments section at the end of the note. We read and reply to all messages. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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