How to import your site to easy website? step by step guide

Import your website to easy web in simple steps

Thank you for your interest in using our versatile site builder, Easy Website. In this Fast guide You will learn how to import your current web content into this tool to start editing without problems.
Let us begin.

Step 1

First you must have the Easy Web tool open. Look for its icon in your control panel and open it (remember that you must have the service active to view the application).

Step 2

Locate the tool under the "New/Reset" heading. Lean with the mouse pointer on it, but don't click.

By hovering over the icon, a small popup menu will allow you to launch the import tool.

Step 3

After clicking to import, a new pop-up window will be displayed, and in it we can directly write the web address of our current site in the "URL of the website to import" field. It should be clarified, as the message in red tells us, that, when importing the site, any existing design within Web Fácil will be deleted, being replaced by the site of our interest (although we understand that this is precisely what is desired).

Step 4

The system will read all the information, texts and images, of the entered site. The time that this lasts can be seconds or minutes, depending on the amount of pre-existing content.

There is a possibility that certain types of complex content are not 100% compatible with Web Fácil and its specific programming. In these cases, its import is ignored to preserve the integrity of the system, although in general we should not have any problem for most of the existing sites.

With these simple 4 steps we can finish the guide. When the window reloads, we will find our old site converted to the Easy Web tool to start editing.

Congratulations, let's create!

We are Duplika

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