backups with softaculous

How to make backups with Softaculous

Softaculous, a tool included in cPanel, is well known for the ease with which it allows us to install apps on our hosting plan. However, not everyone knows the rest of its benefits: for example, its functionality to create backup copies of our site. A backup involves backing up both a website's files and its database, and Softaculous works wonders on both fronts..

In this tutorial we will cover the creation (and download) of a backup, and the consequent restoration of our website in case we need it.

Creating our first backup copy

First we must enter the cPanel of our site:

After having placed our credentials, we look for the Softaculous icon in the Software section.

Note: We include cPanel in all of our hosting plans.

Next, we will click on the following button:

And then we will find and click on the icon that looks like a small green ZIP file:

On the next screen we can make some decisions, but essentially we'll be concerned that the following options are checked. Optionally, we can write a note that outlines the reason, date, allusion to the backup, and change the default backup directory.

By pressing the blue button, we will see a progress bar that dynamically indicates the time remaining for the operation.

When finished, we will see the message: the backup has been created successfully. You can download it from the page Backup.

By clicking on the provided link, we will be directed to a page from where to download the created backup file. The screen that we will see will be similar to the following screenshot.

Alternatively, we can find the backups using an FTP client (eg: filezilla) or the cPanel file manager. Note that the saved copies, by default, will be located within the root of our account in a folder called softaculous_backups.

At any time, entering cPanel, Softaculous icon (in the Software section, as we have indicated previously), we will see the link of our downloads. In the screenshot below we can see the button in question, marked with an orange box.

Duplika includes cPanel in all its hosting plans

Recovering our backup

We must carry out steps already taken: enter our cPanel again and click on the Softaculous icon, Software section, as we described at the beginning of this guide. Then, we will enter the "Backups" button, indicated with an arrow in the lower screenshot.

On this page we will see a list with all the backup copies that we have created historically. Next to the backup we need to restore, just click the Restore icon. The screenshot below shows it clearly:

Also note that we are allowed to delete the backup copies that do not interest us anymore, something important to preserve free space in our hosting plan.

Returning to the backup recovery process, after clicking the Restore button we will see the following confirmation screen. It is enough to click on the “Restore installation” button so that our site is replaced by the backup copy.

As with the process of creating the backup, we will see a progress bar, and at the end the message "Your backup has been successfully restored". After this, we can enter our site and refresh the page to check the changes (if not, press CTRL+F5 to force our browser to fetch a fresh version).

That is all! We hope that the guide has been very easy for you and, as always, we encourage you to leave your doubts in the comments section. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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