how to train the email antispam filter

How to train my spam filter?

Improve the spam filter and avoid receiving unwanted emails.

The first step will be to verify that we have the spam filter activated from the cPanel control panel, Spam Filters.

How to flag spam

Then we can train the filter from the webmail access:

how to access my webmail

Once we are contemplating the SPAM mail, we are going to select it.

Once this is done, let's locate the icon that will indicate said email as SPAN.

It is important to know that, by branding said email as SPAM, not only will we not receive more emails from the sender but, much more importantly, intelligent SPAM filtering learns from this email in order to identify new compatible emails. PFor example, future emails that come from the same IP will no longer enter our mailbox. And that's not all: the intelligent filter helps prevent such emails from reaching others (as long as more than one person marks them as SPAM). In conclusion, the body of the message, its subject and the server it came from become a suspicious pattern.

Labeling emails as spam

Many times an email that interests us could be detected as spam and therefore go directly to that folder. For this reason, it is convenient to check the SPAM folder regularly, so that something important to us is not taken as unwanted by a filter rule.

To recover an email marked as SPAM and get the intelligent filter to learn that we are interested in that email, we must first go to the folder SPAM where the mail has been sent. After selecting it, we will look for the icon of "It's not spam" as we indicate in the screenshot below.



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