Integration between WordPress and MercadoPago

If you use WordPress on your site, you probably know WooCommerce, one of the most used ecommerce plugins today. In his words: Transform your WordPress site into an online store. Offering you business quality with features guaranteed by WooThemes, say hello to WooCommerce plugin for online stores.

How to integrate MercadoPago to your store?

As a first step and part of WordPress best practices, we suggest keeping WooCommerce, WP, and all other plugins and templates that we use 100% up to date.

The official plugin to integrate MercadoPago and WooCommerce can be downloaded from here, or simply by searching for “WooCommerce MercadoPago” in the plugin manager.

Once installed and activated, we go to the section WooCommerce, Settings and select the tab Payments.

There we will find 3 new payment methods:

  • MercadoPago – Basic Checkout: This is the default method and allows you to accept all payment methods offered by MercadoPago.
  • MercadoPago – Personalized Checkout – Pay with debit and credit cards: Allows you to accept payments with credit and debit cards only.
  • Mercado Pago – Personalized Checkout – Pay with cash: Allows you to accept payments in cash, through Easy Payment, Rapipago and similar branches that allow your customers to pay in cash.

We select enable the first option, basic checkout, and click Settings.

There MercadoPago will request the country of origin of the MercadoPago account that we already have, and will guide us to configure the necessary access keys to move forward.

If you have any questions or queries, leave it in the comments and we will respond as soon as possible.

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