LearnDash 4.1: Create Online Courses Fast

LearnDash 4.1: Online courses in 1 minute

The new LearnDash 4.1 for WordPress promised to speed up the process of creating online courses… and it did. Thanks to the new “Course Creation Wizard”, we can generate lessons directly from playlists on YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. In this note we talk about that and tell you more news about this popular component.

From PlayList to Online Lessons

For those who already have video content on some popular network (read Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia), the new version of LearnDash 4.1 allows us turn such content into lessons with a double click. The wizard for creating courses allows us to create them from playlists, and for that it is enough to copy and paste the link in the “Wizard” creation process. As follows from this, we can have courses running in seconds.

After the steps shown in the screenshots above, we will see that LearnDash loads our list and with it creates a course as we are used to. We can then modify and make changes to our liking, if necessary.

Enhanced Coupons

One of the efforts of the latest version of LearnDash 4.1 was to greatly simplify the creation of coupons. From now on we have excellent coupon support for discounts that are based on flat rates, also percentages built in natively. In this way we gain more control in the way we market and sell courses without having to resort to third-party plugins. Selling more taking advantage of coupon marketing is easier.

Caring for Teaching via the Incomplete Mark function

To help our students keep track of their progress, an Incomplete Mark feature has been added. This feature allows users to easily identify and separate completed or incomplete lessons for each course. It's a great way to keep students engaged and aware of their progress.

GDPR export/removal datasets for clean browsing

Remember: GDPR is the regulation that regulates the protection of user data. In a nutshell, take care of people's privacy rights. They ensure the free choice to share the personal data collected with third parties.

LearnDash 4.1 offers our visitors greater power over their data thanks to the function of exporting or deleting their browsing log and data at will. In fact, anyone can access the information that LearnDash accumulates and delete it if they please. Therefore, the new version also ingratiates itself with the GDPR data protection regulations.

focus on concentration

LearnDash 4.1 also gives us more options when it comes to keeping our students focused. This is achieved with the “Focus Mode”, a functionality that allows you to change the position of the Sidebar to the left or right as you please.

Additional improvements

Among several improvements in terms of security and speed, LearnDash 4.1 brings us the new optimizations:

  • Updated mappings to open in WordPress admin to improve usability.
  • Fixed carriage returns and JSON parsing options on quiz submissions.
  • Fixed course ID in ajaxQuizLoadData (preventing it from being blank sometimes).
  • Fixed minor bugs with quiz save and resume functionality.
  • Fixed 'PayPal Transaction' in report tab showing as draft if IPN response is not returned.
  • Fixed course navigation not displaying in open courses.

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