unlimited hosting: complications and realities

The lie of unlimited hosting

The hosting market is very varied. The alternatives are endless and, many times, the difference between providers seems to be diluted after numerous marketing terms, resulting in the search by price, and the subsequent headaches.

for those who know what is hosting, it will be obvious to them that, in order to be able to host websites, it is necessary to have web servers, connectivity, Energy to power the servers, security for facilities, hardware, technical staff Y licenses to manage the platform.

So it becomes obvious that offering unlimited hosting is basically impossible, because there is no such thing as “unlimited hard drive”. what exists is fine print by suppliers to force a change if you exceed X limit, which is sometimes generous, and other times not so much, but it is still a lie.

Sometimes, that lie is paid for with a poor service, which has an impact or not depending on the importance you give to your website.

For this reason, we offer what we can guarantee in our plans WordPress hosting, No tricks or fine print.



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