Manage multiple strong passwords with LastPass

In the 21st century we are connected all day, not only from a computer, but also through the cell phone, from where we check the mail, access our Facebook account, download a file stored on a server, and thousands of other sites. And all connections require a password.

Yes, we must create usernames and passwords for the vast majority of web services that we use, and, to top it off, experts recommend not choosing simple combinations (memorable) like 123456 as they are easily detectable by computer worms. Today all sites and services recommend (or we force a) use a mixture of letters with numbers and, in addition, symbols (special characters). When not, we are also required to use some capital letter. At the moment of having to trust our memory, life became complicated for us: we need to remember dozens of complex passwords at all times and places. But to our aid comes an application that integrates with the browser and with any smartphone: your name, LastPass. The last password.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a very original program, useful for managing dozens and dozens of passwords that we accumulate over the years and that we must constantly modify at the request of the sites, something that our minds cannot bear. The interesting thing about the program is that it saves in its memory all passes that we have to introduce daily.

One of the advantages is that, according to the LastPass site, the system has security methods to store and protect user accounts and passwords. This becomes transcendental, since this program will also require a password to store them all, but it will be the only one that you will have to remember for the rest of your lives if you become a fan of this application.

LastPass will allow them to encrypt, store and access passwords which stored in Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari or Explorer browsers, and works perfectly on Windows, Mac or Linux computers. It also has versions for all types of cell phones, since they became today in the new windows to the cloud.

The good thing is that this password manager will automatically recognize the sites that we have stored in the database, filling in the information automatically every time we want to enter the portals and services we use. So it's just need to click to access Facebook, Gmail, Instagram or any of the services that we use constantly, without exception.

How to install and use LastPass?

When they enter the official LastPass site, they will have to look for the download button to save it to their computers or smartphones. They will need to choose the operating system, which can be Windows, Mac, Linux or cell phones, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. LastPass is compatible with all.

The moment you install the program on your computer or cell phone, you will have to open the browser you usually use and then you will notice that a small button with the LastPass logo, of a red background. If they have few extensions, they will see it clearly.

So, continue surfing the net commonly, filling in the fields of password of their accounts in the different sites that they use, like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and everything that they use daily in their works or moments of leisure. But beware: when you write your username and password, you must click where it says “Save Site”, and then a window will appear where you will have to fill in the fields with the username, password, site name, and URL. A LastPass bar will indicate how secure is your pass.

Finally they click on Save and that's it, the program will automatically remember that password and user, and they will never need to log in or remember that particular password again.

LastPass is a very simple and original program that delivers what it promises. Without a doubt, the last pass password It will be the only one they will have to remember forever.

Link: LastPass Official Site

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