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Meow Apps: WP Plugin Pack

Meow Apps is a developer of various WordPress components that join forces with a single purpose: to increase the productivity of our WordPress site. From SEO plugins to photography components, Meow has everything to make our WP even more charming. In this note we make a brief synopsis of each tool.

1.Media Cleaner

Media Cleaner is an excellent tool for clean our WordPress of useless material. The plugin searches and examines all the files in our folder wp-content to find those who are “orphaned”. The same goes for our Tickets. The goal, of course, is to delete all this unlinked/offline content.

This powerful tool has been perfected (even rewritten from scratch) over the years thanks to numerous contributions from the WordPress community. We recommend it above all to remove the "cobwebs" from very old sites, where the proliferation of useless files is usually large. More info here.

2. Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer does what it says: it allows us rename our media files. The process can be manual or automatic, if we previously configure certain conditions. It is a plugin considered SEO because it helps us keep our WordPress tidy while avoiding file-related issues.

Please note that any reference to changed filenames on our site will also be updated. Media File Renamer has many additional features: if we are developers we can automate the processes to save time by specifying exactly how we want the file names to be modified. More info here.

3.Social Engine

The Social Engine tool is great for organize, schedule and automate the publication of our content (and photos) to the networks. It is comparable to plugins like TweetDeck, Buffer, ContentCal, falcon either loomly, with a big “but”: with Social Engine, we are the only owners of the system. The interface runs within WordPress itself, without limitations.

Thus, we are completely independent of a third-party service (with the obvious exception of the plugin itself), and we can extend its reach at will. More info here.

Did you know that all the Meow Apps add-ons in their PRO version are included for free in our service? Managed WordPress?

4.WP/LR Sync

If our site uses light room, we will greatly benefit from WP/LR Sync. This is a Lightroom publishing service made exclusively for WordPress. The tool will take care of upload our photos to WordPress, also the folders and collection data, keeping everything in sync.

So any changes applied to our photos (post-processing, metadata, watermarks, etc.) or folders or collections will be cloned automatically. whatever we do, our website will always be synchronized with our Lightroom. Note: This component works in a unidirectional way, that is, from WordPress to Lightroom. More info here.

5.Database Cleaner

Exactly as its name indicates, Database Cleaner cleans our database. It examines every table, whether created by a component or theme, looking for missing fragments, outdated tables, or corrupted data. We have made a Database Cleaner review on our website highlighting the speed it gives to our site.

6.Meow Analytics

A component that is characterized by being ultra light. Simply, allows us to add the Google Analytics code to our website simply. But, in addition, it will show us some of this data by accessing our GA account from our WordPress website itself.

Even though our Google Analytics data should be kept private, most site owners use plugins that force them to use a third-party server to access their own data. Instead, Meow Analytics allows us to connect directly to our Google account without the mediation of any third-party service. This is ideal, because it is much safer. More info here.

7.Perfect Images

This plugin creates the image files required by Retina (or any high DPI) devices to timely display them to our visitors. The goal is for our website to look perfect, clear, and suitable for all devices and their displays.. Thanks to Perfect Images, the “retina” images will be generated automatically (unless we prefer to do it manually). We can control everything from an easy and aesthetic interface.

The plugin supports responsive image adoption (as of WordPress 4.4) by adding the retina images to the src-set. It also gives us options to customize modern WordPress features and behavior (and also to remove that new image size that was added and might be redundant). More info here.

8. Meow Lightbox

Lightbox is the web resource through which a clicked image increases in the center of the screen, while the background behind it darkens.

Meow Lightbox for WordPress is a plugin that does just that, except that it was designed by photographers, made for photographers. Then, the EXIF information takes on an important character.

EXIF, for those unfamiliar with the acronym, is the code inside a photo file that stores the title, description, camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. When a photograph is taken by a camera, the photo's technical information is stored along with the pixels of the image, even if we don't see it and can remain hidden in most cases. PhotoShop and Lightroom allow you to add a title and description, and even enter the name of the author of the photo.

Meow Lightbox displays this information beautifully, while being a very fast and lightweight plugin. More info here.

9. Meow Gallery

Meow Gallery is a improved gallery for WordPress designed for photography websites… But its scope exceeds this specialty. It's a neat plugin that works with Gutenberg's Gallery Block, Core WP Gallery, and the official Gallery Shortcode.

It is a responsive design tool, friendly with retina images. It uses modern designs and is incredibly fast thanks to fine optimization of its code. It employs modern CSS, and the JS programming only takes place to handle infinite/delayed loading (lazy-loading) and slider layout. More info here.

10. Contact Form Block

The developers of Contact Form Block boast that this component provides the best contact form for WordPress.. Why? For being the lightest, fastest, most aesthetic and complete. It promises to make building a contact form the easiest thing in the world, and it delivers.

Meow Contact Form Block does not torture us with a WordPress installation made up of multiple and numerous files. Here no CSS or JS, no popups or ads. It does not require third-party plugins to work. On top of that, it's free. We recommend its use without a doubt, especially if we use Gutenberg. You can get more info here.


We are facing a rare case. That a developer provides such a varied number of components, all of them optimized to paroxysm and of such good quality, is not something common and ordinary. Within the WordPress community there are undoubtedly talented, well-intentioned devs who provide their developments, often personal (they have created components for them and then release them for everyone); but here we have a compendium of varied plugins, united by their excellence. It is worthwhile that we try all the proposals or at least take them into account for our projects. Meow Apps is gold dust.

If you liked the note, or comments, doubts, queries arise, write us in the comments. We read and reply to all messages.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

The present PRO version plugins and many other components in their Premium versions are included for free in our Managed WordPress service

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