MetaBox compatible Elementor Stackable

MetaBox supported by Stackable and Elementor

MetaBox is a plugin that we previously described, which allows us to create custom content types, like WordPress Posts or Pages, but with the fields we want or need for our project.

The plugin is very similar to ACF or Toolset, but with some additional benefits. At Duplika we recommend it, in addition to offering it as part of our WordPress addon.

Integration with Elementor

If we use Elementor, now we will be able to see the custom fields inside the editor. This greatly facilitates the design of each personalized content with the freedom and benefits of Elementor.

Meta Box - Elementor Intergrator: Support Cloneable Fields

Integration with Stackable

If instead we use Stackable —an excellent addon for those looking for a midpoint between Gutenberg and Elementor due to its speed and multiple options—, now we can also use MetaBox within it.

WordPress, increasingly versatile

I started exploring the world of CMS 17 years ago, and Drupal was the first that I fell in love with. Not so much because of its ease, but because of its freedom. This CMS had a module called Content Construction Kit, which was later incorporated into the Drupal core starting with version 7.

With MetaBox supported by all major visual editors, WordPress is consolidated as a good option, even for more complex developments.

We take care of the maintenance of your site

We include Meta Box with our Managed WordPress service



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