New cPanel 11.30 Options

For two weeks we have updated cPanel version at 11.30, the last one existing to date. The new version is now available to all our customers.

Let's review, then, some of the improvements that this update brings, which will undoubtedly help to simplify the administration tasks of the hosting service on a day-to-day basis.

  • Automatic response settings: Did you know that you can configure automatic responses from your control panel? Entering cPanel, automatic responses, now you will be able to configure the validity. Thus, you can program to activate or deactivate certain emails automatically.
  • Order tiered mail filters: From now on, email filter reordering can be done through the UI. Previously, this possibility did not exist, and when adding new filters, they were stacked at the end of the list, which made it difficult to handle tiered rules with flexibility.
  • RoundCube 0.5.2: another of the improvements that this new version brings is the Roundcube update to version 0.5.2, the webmail mail system. The update includes several small bug fixes but, more importantly, support for Internet Explorer 9.
  • Improved file manager: for all those who are uncomfortable using FTP and prefer to manage files from their browser, now within cPanel, file manager, they will be able to enjoy the new AJAX system, which integrates the upload and configuration of files in a single location, streamlining their management on the server.

We hope that all these improvements help you in the daily management of your service, and that soon we can have new improvements to tell you about.

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