New Xen Cloud plans

Launching our new cloud hosting plans, using the latest virtualization technology with OnApp and enterprise hardware using Dell R410 with 32GB of RAM and NetApp SAN with 15k SAS drives. Do you want maximum performance and security in VPS? Known our plans.

Problem with traditional VPS

Virtualization has many advantages, but for its correct administration it is essential to have a number of virtual machines according to the hardware that the servers have. It's easy to isolate processor cores or GB of RAM, but with the hard drive it's a different story, and this is often the most common performance bottleneck for VPS on the market.

To avoid conflicts, in our new Xen plans we use Netapp SAN with SAS disks and SSDs, the same ones that we use in our Condor plan.

Absolute control and versatility

All registrations are processed automatically once the payment is credited. But one of the main advantages of our plans is that you will be able to have real control, since from our customer table you will be able to carry out the following actions:

  • remote reset
  • off / on
  • SSH/root access
  • Plan upgrade / downgrade
  • Increased memory, CPU cores or dedicated IP's

Existing clients

All clients who have a server with us will be migrated to the new platform. They will be receiving a notification to be able to manage the migration with us to take advantage of all the news in a transparent way and without headaches.

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