Newsletter for Wordpress

Newsletter for Wordpress

The most effective communication channel, now optimized for your WordPress site

Newsletter is the easiest, most powerful and really effective way to keep your users attentive, interested and, above all, current. When one of your visitors has subscribed to your site, that means they have an interest real for your brand and your content, and you want to receive news via professional email. Today, this communication service has become easier and more efficient than ever thanks to the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

Conversion rates don't lie: a newsletter subscriber has much more intrinsic and potential value than a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter follower.

7 powerful advantages of keeping Newsletter

We break down the benefit that the use of Newsletter entails for administrators in seven points.


If your users have requested to receive news about your business or personal enterprise, they expect to be kept up to date with the news, incorporations, services and products that you offer without the need to enter your site.


Newsletter generated emails are a powerful way to influence and seduce your audience both indirectly and proactively. If something catches their attention, they'll come to your site for more information – and to buy!


Due to its low cost and ease of implementation, both businesses and companies around the world use the Newsletter to maintain regular communication with their visitors and potential customers.


It is the most effective way to keep your users, occasional customers and interested parties informed about promotions, services and new products, and everything related to your business image.


Newsletter provides the largest and most loyal traffic to your business website or blog. If you offer special opportunities for your subscribers, you will gain trust, sales, and your subscribers will multiply over time.


Newsletter is one of the best marketing channels to get tickets and sales. Its pulsating dynamics achieve more and better conversions than most other online marketing digital channels.


Thanks to the dynamics of the Newsletter, your users will become progressively more loyal. If your brand, startup or blog is in their heads, not only will they incorporate your strategies better, but it will also be easier to gain new users by word of mouth.

If to all this we add ease, versatility, statistics and automation,
we get Newsletter plugin for your site made in WordPress.


We constantly renew our hardware and all our drives are 100% SSDs.


Sites are saved daily to a secure remote location, available from your control panel.

SMTP support

With your Duplika site you can add your SMTP mail server with one click, protecting your bandwidth in large campaigns and numerous subscribers.

Easy Guide

Simple but extensively documented, you can seek guidance in the online instructions for any questions or uncertainties that may arise.


You will be able to configure automatic Newsletter deliveries for new entries, pages, events and many more customizable events.


WordPress Newsletter plugin has the highest rating within the community, being the most used and recommended by all admins.

With Duplika you will also have all the power and maximum benefits of this plugin.


Complete and intelligent automation to generate Newsletters without lifting a finger with shipments through many simultaneous channels.


Analysis of tables and diagrams of all the historical information collected: openings, clicks, bounces. Analyze your campaigns at a glance.


Add a popup or sticky bar with a subscription offer to your site to make it easy for them to sign up.


You will be able to generate automatic emails after the subscriptions in the periods that you want, maintaining the interest all the time.

Contact Form 7

Use Contact Form 7, your favorite forms plugin, to create the fields that users will fill in to sign up.


Easy and immediate: use one-click subscription thanks to Facebook Connect. Compatibility and versatility in a single step.


Take advantage of the integration with the WooCommerce™ plugin to unleash your marketing creations.


Automatically add the Google Analytics UTM campaign tracking code to your links and buttons.

Amazon SES

Complete integration of your Newsletters with Amazon's SES service for sending and processing bounces.


Complete integration of your Newsletters with the sending and bounce detection systems developed by:

As we have seen, when thinking about a Newsletter plugin for our WordPress site, few doubt that we are facing an incredibly complete, versatile and powerful solution.

If you still have questions or, on the contrary, you want to incorporate this tool into your site, do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] or consult us through the comments.

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