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Oxygen Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows us to visually design our entire website: from the header to the footer, and without the need for coding. Oxygen allows us to do as we please, without limits, granting total control over the appearance of each aspect of the web. In this review we cover its advantages, but also its disadvantages.


The Oxygen builder, like all modern builders, is based on the technology of drag and drop design elements on the "canvas" to personalize them later. Therefore, it is a tool whose mechanics are simple, but, nevertheless, will require some familiarization time.

It is worth mentioning at the outset that when this plugin is activated, the active Theme in WordPress (and its entire system) is disabled.

In other words, the Theme styles and custom layout of our existing site will no longer be visible. So, already warned, don't be scared.

Oxygen's design elements are many and varied; its library of objects and widgets is extensive and suitable to be incorporated into sections, divs, accordions, elements, etc.

This builder allows us to design virtually any section and post on our website: Pages, Posts, custom post types, templates, etc. If our intention is to create a dynamic website, we will use the template library. Thus, we can assign our designs to files, types of publications, specific pages (among other possibilities) and even create our header and footer to taste.

Original Proposal

Its original premise was to provide global style rules for WooCommerce, texts, global colors and fonts.. In Oxygen builder there is no need to write custom CSS, as styles are managed within the builder itself. This was arguably Oxygen's most important feature until similar mechanics were adopted by its competitors.

But there is one thing where Oxygen is still ahead: the possibilities it offers to web developers. Here Oxygen is the heavyweight, beating its competition in terms of functionality.

Why? Because the dynamic data functionality allows us to look up data in WordPress, plugins or PHP and place it in a single element. In addition, we also have access to loops and repeaters in addition to the integration with the plugin Advanced Custom Fields. Oxygen's custom field integration is the key to being able to create and develop just about anything you want: all field values can be inserted into custom field rules. conditional visibility, text elements and more.

Designing with Oxygen

Oxygen is another of the type constructors Drag and drop. In other words, the builder is a visual editor that allows us to create and customize page layouts in real time. What we see in the Editor is what we will see online.

The spread element browser is opened by clicking the button +Add from the toolbar. To include an element, we will click on it.

We can display the properties of a currently active element in the tabs Major Y Advanced from the left sidebar. The Main tab will show the properties of the element that we are editing. The eyelash Advanced, as we have already assumed, gives us a large number of additional options to perform a fine customization of the item in question.

Block Library, examples of “calls to action”

To activate an element we choose it from the right preview list or, alternatively, by clicking on the Structure panel. There are two options for rearranging elements: via the Structure panel or by Drag and Drop as noted previously.

The Oxygen Visual Editor

We can expect from Oxygen tools that are compatible with the mechanics of Elementor and Divi. For example, a tab with the History of actions and creations to be able to undo. An element of columns to strategically, or beautifully, organize our content. The element DIV to create sections and be able to customize its internal content to your liking. Oxygen is not as intuitive but it is clear, and although it provides us with endless basic to fine configurations, the learning curve is acceptable.

Equipped with Templates and Libraries of pre-designed objects

The pre-made Templates and the elements in the Library serve both to speed up our design and to get ideas, “fiddle around” and familiarize ourselves with the design capabilities. The Library gives us a generous number of full websites, eye-catching Pages and Sections. The design sets they are compendia of components and pages that share a similar style. These include:

Components: elements and sections of pages designed to design a specific type of content. Examples include showcase, social proof, headlines, pricing, and calls to action.
pages: Complete sets of custom and combined components to create a pre-made page. Examples of this category are contact page, product tour page, home page, etc.
demo websites: Internet websites created with components in the Design Set.

Header Builder

Along with other professional builders of the style, Oxygen Builder allows us to create Headers according to our artistic whims. Furthermore, they are responsive, may contain multiple rows and until they are fixed when sliding the screen (sticky).

Light Code

The debugging and lightness of its code is a point to highlight compared to its competitors. This is argued precisely because Oxygen is capable of banishing any WordPress Theme that we are using. In fact, its layout modules are versatile enough to match complex layouts but with lighter code.

In other words, instead of having our site split into two code streams, the Theme and the Builder (typical Elementor case), we'll get all design coded in one place. In addition to the convenience in terms of performance and speed, it guarantees us easier editing when creating aesthetics. In fact, many site design and performance issues stem from Theme/Builder incompatibilities. With Oxygen this does not happen.

Oxygen facilitates excellent indexing by search engines. Our site will be effective, and its performance agile.

Oxygen has another great advantage: the modularization of the code means that on a computer or cell phone a visit only the elements and code of a specific portion are downloaded (the one you are seeing on the screen). Without a doubt, much better than what happens with Elementor, since the latter needs to load a complete content library for the same purpose.

All these advantages ensure us good SEO scores, favoring the appearance of our content in Google/Bing.

We include Oxygen Builder for free in our service Managed WordPress.

Integration with WooCommerce

Oxygen is ready to assist us extensively in creating, improving and enhancing the visual appearance of our entire store. In fact, it is considered one of the most recommended builders in this scenario.

The perfect integration of Oxygen with WooCommerce allows us to design our entire store to produce a unique result, well in line with our brand and institutional image. We clarify that Oxygen WooCommerce Integration plugin required, available with the paid plan OxygenWooCommerce.

Gutenberg integration

Oxygen is compatible with Gutenberg allowing us to freely design with it. A) Yes, it is possible to combine 100% Oxygen Pages with Posts or Pages designed with Gutenberg blocks. Note: the additional plugin included in the plan is required OxygenAgency.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oxygen Builder

Oxygen is a professional, powerful, versatile tool to create websites and pages for WordPress. Virtually no creative limitations. In addition to its favorable coupling to create electronic commerce, it provides us with a robust Editor, full of features and customizations. Below, we break down its strengths, but also its weaknesses.


● Rich and powerful functionalities.
● Excellent modules and pre-made templates.
● Super flexible for those who have already taken the time.
● Prices of additional functionalities according to the benefits.
● Tool to create pop-up windows.
● You can show content or not according to conditions programmed by us.
● Provides complete control over the site.
● Integrates with ACF.
● Allows you to save templates centrally.
● Their code is well debugged, the sites are fast and well SEO friendly.


● Not compatible with certain popular components.
● Not intuitive like other builders.
● The line of learning to use it with familiarity can be hostile for some beginning developers.
● It is not the recommended option to create a blog.


Oxygen Builder is a builder that offers advanced features for those who require it. Generates clean, light, good SEO sites. It is a very polished, professional and generous tool, but its functionalities can even be extended via optional add-ons.

Some experience with how websites behave is welcome to get the most out of Oxygen. In fact, being able to disable the WordPress Themes system results in new development possibilities.

Oxygen Builder is the choice of developers whose projects require a lot of scaling. It is the builder that allows you to create and design outside of the typical WordPress scenario. Its versatility and possibilities to customize at deep levels make it programmers favorite. In addition, its paid features are within the reach of the vast majority of us.

Hoping that the analysis has been useful to you, we encourage you to leave your impressions in the comments section. Good luck, and thanks for reading.

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