PHP 8.0 available in our hosting plans

We have enabled PHP 8.0 on all of our hosting plans. This release brings many powerful optimizations and brings new features to the language.

PHP 8 is a major update to this programming language. Contains many new features and optimizations, including named arguments, union types, attributes, constructor property promotion, match expression, nullsafe operator, JIT, and improvements to the type system, error handling, and consistency.

What it means for WordPress

PHP is known for its personality: the code is able to stay running even when errors occur. If PHP were human, we would say that it is 'affable'.

This feature was always controversial. What is good on the one hand is insecure on the other. But this changed with the new eighth generation.

PHP8 employs a much stricter script than previous versions. Many built-in functions are now more picky about the input they accept, and PHP 8 itself is more strict about how input is passed to functions. Problems that previously caused warnings now cause warnings, and problems that previously caused warnings now cause errors. Definitely, everything escalated to a more rigorous level.

PHP 8 is no longer as 'affable' as its previous versions. It's not going to work like it used to to make code written with bugs continue to work no matter what..

Coincident with this policy, many functions that were already discouraged in the previous version, PHP7, have now been completely removed. The good news is that the Themes and Plugins that used old code will have to be updated yes or yes, or disappear.

The transition to PHP 8 is one of the most sweeping and impactful changes the language has ever seen.. Although in the medium and long term it will be worth it, in the short term WordPress site administrators will have to be vigilant. Many Themes or Plugins are being updated at this very moment so as not to fall into errors or worse: to be a thing of the past.

If you use Plugins or Themes that do not receive updates this month or during May, we recommend that you be cautious or even look to replace them.

If you are a web developer, start testing your code and any dependencies on PHP8 and replace any libraries that aren't being updated.


The WordPress ecosystem has gone through rough transitions in the past, but the great community behind our beloved CMS has always known how to grow and adapt. PHP8 will not be the exception to the rule.

It is an opportunity to update everything that will inevitably become obsolete, both because it is insecure and because it uses obsolete programming. In short, this jump from PHP8 is good for the whole community, guaranteeing us the best programmed and safe sites possible. Sometimes the changes cost us, but they end up being more than positive.

If you wish to enjoy the new PHP8 today and do not host your sites with us, we offer you our evaluation. hosting plans, custom and scalable.

We wish you success in your developments and ventures.

Thank you for reading.

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