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PHP It is a very active project, and its updates are constantly released, improving its performance, incorporating new features or resolving various types of bugs. Our security policy with the servers obliges us to maintain always the updated version and, in most cases, updating is not a problem.

But there are also times when a system change generates a complication for the client, requiring their intervention to update a specific function or line of code. Generally, these obsolescences take place in own developments, or in outdated versions of platforms such as WordPress or Joomla.

To solve these contexts, we launched a new service where, from your control panel, you will be able to choose between using the latest version of the 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 branch or trying the alpha version of PHP 5.5.

If you are currently staying with us, and want to take advantage of the possibilities of this service, write us to manage the migration of your account as soon as possible.

Once you select the “Select PHP version” option, you will find the possibility to configure the version and the modules that you want to add to it. After selecting OK, your account will already be running with the selected PHP version. Easy and profitable, right?

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