Publish to WordPress from Google Docs

Do you want to export content directly from Google Docs to WordPress?

In many work environments, content editors write blogs in Google Docs for the ease of collaboration. However, these blogs are published on WordPress managed blogs and websites. Before publishing, content producers finalize posts by adding images and links, and formatting the page as WordPress needs.

Given the volume of posts on normal WordPress sites, doing this process manually can be time consuming. However, here We present you the solution that automates the process and ensures that all participants work effectively in this workflow. for Google Docs

Every time you copy content from Google Docs and move it into the WordPress editor, all the images and formatting you've given them is lost. Redoing all the formatting and inserting the images again is a waste of time and effort that can be used to create new content, or to relax! for Google Docs is a great add on that simplifies the writing process directly from Google Docs to and, which use the features of the service provided by jet pack. Even Matt Mullenweg (WordPress creator guy! is very excited about this collaborative editing option)

Once the add-on is installed, you can simply open from Google Docs directly from there and connect the two websites.

Installing the Add-on

In the Google Docs menu bar, go to Add-ons >> Get add-ons (if you have it in Spanish, Plugins >> Get Plugins)

When the window opens, look for among the plugins in the list

Click the button to start the installation process

Add and authorize the WordPress site

After you have finished the installation, go to Add-ons >> for Google Docs, Choose Open and then add your website.

Press the "Authorize" button

Log in with account

Now, go to your WordPress login screen, enter your credentials (username and password) and then click the Login button.

If you have multiple WordPress sites, you need to select the correct one from the dropdown menu. For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to choose the WordPress site connected with jet pack

After selecting the website, click on the “Approved” button to authorize the website

In the event that you run into the error “502 Bad Gateway error”, go to WordPress Admin Panel >> Jetpack >> Settings and change the button Single Sign On. For more information on this problem, please take a look at Jetpack Security Features.

save drafts

You are now ready to move your Google Docs drafts to your WordPress sites. For this, you have to click the “Save Draft” button

Now you can easily save drafts on the WordPress site by clicking the “Save Draft” button. If you want to update the post directly from the WordPress site, simply hit the “Update Draft” button.

This draft will appear in the WordPress Posts list. Make sure you can save drafts and update your posts. If you want to publish your post, go to Admin Panel >> Post and publish your content.

Now check the preview to see how the post looks in its final version.

final words

You've made it! You will have already discovered how easy it is to publish drafts from Google Drive directly to WordPress using this useful plugin. If you need more help configuring or using the addonYou can leave your questions in the comments section below.

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