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Rank Math: free vs PRO vs Business

A relatively new SEO plugin that nevertheless gained the acceptance of more than a million WordPress users in record time: Math Rank grew to outperform its competitors thanks to numerous features that are as smart as they are powerful. In this note we talk about its free version, comparing it with the PRO and Business.


It is striking to see that many blogs in the field have approached Rank Math to carry out an analysis and ended up adopting it. In our case, we have been testing it for a couple of years. for that very reason we recommend it and, in fact, we include its PRO version for free in our premium service of Managed WordPress.

Rank Math was born during 2018 in India, exactly in New Delhi. However, its permanent staff of 30 people is distributed in very different locations on the planet. The PRO version was released years later, at the end of 2020.


We are all familiar with the term SEO. We have a more or less accurate notion of how Internet search engines work, and we know that to take advantage of organic traffic it is essential to work on our site. Texts, images, goals, loading method... Everything is possible to become "SEO friendly".

There is a large but: we cannot do everything alone, it can take almost infinite time, a lot of effort and, of course, money. Even so, we are not going to be sure that we are doing everything in the right direction.

SEO plugins were born to relieve and even fully solve search engine optimization issues for a site.

At present there are many popular WordPress SEO plugins that offer us services, diagnostics and tests. Among them, the legendary Yoast SEO, seopress and also The SEO Frame Work, but Rank Math is today one of the most reliable.

Why RankMath?

With so many SEO plugins on the market, why should Rank Math be our first choice? because it gives us the best content optimization experience with features that stand out above the competition. Let's see:

  • Ease of installation: after a “step by step” process in its installation wizard guided, we will be ready to take advantage of all the good things about Rank Math.
  • Easy to use: The appearance of Rank Math was specially taken care of. Once the plugin is installed, we will notice that it flaunts an organized design, of course, well thought out beforehand. No one will find it confusing or difficult to understand. We go to General Settings and configure the desired tool in a matter of clicks.
  • On-page SEO: After having used Rank Math for the last two years, we can say that it is one of the best tools to polish our “On-page-SEO”. Virtually all SEO strategies, both basic and advanced, are covered by Rank Math.

Just go to the Rank Math tab in the Post/Page edition, indicated in the screenshot below, to access the “General” tab. There we will see the diagnostics, editing fields, previews, etc.

The button itself already indicates the SEO score that we have in this content once we enter the keyword(s) (Yes, we can enter the ones we want). The score ranges from 0 to 100, being a number from 80 a desirable score. Note: we shouldn't obsessively strive to get 100. In fact, depending on the content and what we're aiming for, 100 might not be possible. Again, above 80 our content ranks very well.

  • All necessary SEO tools: unlike other well-known popular components, restricted to a certain number of features, Rank Math provides us with a vast repertoire of diverse functionalities covering all possible optimization edges. Among the SEO dimensions addressed we have Meta data, Sitemaps (including Google News, Videos, Trends), Redirections of all kinds, Schema generation, SEO Breadcrumbs and a LONG etcetera. We will cover each of the aspects in a table to differentiate the free features from the paid ones.
Installable modules are the way to make sure that we only load our site with what we need.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking: with version PRO we can enter the keyword to track, and Rank Math will show us the rankings in the search engine results. This makes it easy to answer an excellent question: Is the chosen keyword the best option to position our content? If the answer is No, we can be creative and look for alternatives. Keyword optimization is the most important step when we intend to update and improve the ranking of our content.
Rank Tracker allows us to quickly see which keywords rank highest in Google, what impressions each one has, the position and if the trend is up or down.
  • Self Configuration: Rank Math not only analyzes our website according to our needs or parameters, but also analyzes it autonomously. Through this immediacy, the plugin suggests the best solutions, pointing out those omissions or important opportunities for improvement. As each website is a separate ecosystem, automatic Rank Math setup saves us time by making it easy to optimize our site.
  • scheme: Schema guidelines have become important for websites, especially since voice search has been enabled. Schema full code helps Google and other search engines better understand what our content is saying. Rank Math takes care of diagnosing and incorporating these guidelines with ease.
  • Fast: Compared to its competition, Rank Math is a much lighter plugin. Its programming is neat and efficient.

Comparison with Rank Math PRO

The paid version of Rank Math has a huge number of advantages over the free version. Below the comparative table will graph it from a screenshot, but fundamentally:

  • keyword tracking: Thanks to the monitoring of the keyword ranking we can see our rankings and their oscillation in the last twelve consecutive months. With PRO we will have much more information concerning the performance of our keywords.
  • integration with Google Trends.
  • The local optimization for search engines it can be done for multiple locations.
  • We can create a specific sitemap for Google news favoring that our notes appear in said section of Google.
  • Same case for video results.
  • Watermarks automatic with our logo for images on the networks.
  • More of twenty default types of schema that we can use to increase the communication of our content with search engines.
  • View historical profits obtained from google adsense.
  • More and better tools for mounted shops WooCommerce.

Duplika includes Rank Math PRO in its service Managed WordPress

Rank Math Business

To get straight to the point, the main advantage of Rank Math Business is that it allows us to install Rank Math PRO on up to 100 sites. Essentially, this is useful when managing a significant number of sites, either our own or our clients.

Comparison table Rank Math free versus PRO versus Business


Rank Math is comparable to a Swiss army knife that has dozens of tools in one knife. When the SEO of our site is what we have to improve, we will find absolutely everything, and more, in this plugin for WordPress.

By combining all the features of similar plugins out there, but with the modular ability to activate only what our site needs, Rank Math is a well-optimized, lightweight, aesthetic, easy-to-manage plugin with a huge number of free features. However, if our site is a eCommerce or generate any kind of income, we recommend the version PRO for the truly professional SEO diagnostics and tools it provides.

Rank Math communicates with internet search engines perfectly. Having this tool means that our site speaks the same language as the ranking robots.

The SEO world and its guidelines are constantly changing. That's why SEO solutions have to catch up quickly, and the permanent staff of developers at Rank Math keep it current. This is an excellent reason to choose it. If we intend to obtain more entries on our website, we cannot ignore this plugin under any point of view.

Doubts, queries, experiences? Write below in the comments section. We read and reply to all messages. Good luck, and thanks for reading.

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We include RankMath PRO in our Managed WordPress service



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