Solve blank screen in WordPress

There are situations where when updating a plugin, theme, or WordPress itself, we see an error on the site and leave it inaccessible.

Fixing it usually involves disabling plugins and themes, until we find the problem, guiding us through the PHP error log of our hosting provider.

PHP is one of the programming languages used in WordPress, so if we encounter an error, it should be logged in the error_log.

Locate the “error_log” on our site

"error_log" is a text file, mainly available in 2 locations:

  1. Root directory of your WordPress, usually public_html, if the error occurs in the site cover for instance.
  2. directory wp-admin of our WP, if the error occurs in the login screen either management, the error will be detailed here.

If, for example, we find that there are errors for a certain plugin, we go to the wp-content/plugins directory, and to the directory of the plugin in question, we add a hyphen to the name of the directory.

This will make WordPress deactivate said plugin, and we can reload the login screen, or administration, to see if the error this time is something else.

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