Calfra Salaries

Salaries Calfra is a family business founded by Ignacio Calza and Constanza Andrigo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2014 they offer labor consulting and salary settlement services for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

The payroll services space is highly competitive in Argentina, with many companies established in the market. In order to differentiate itself, Salados Calfra decided to accompany its offer of a fast and efficient service with an online leadership strategy. And Duplika was with them to support them.

To begin with, Salados Calfra chose to use the Duplika de Hosting service to guarantee the highest access speed for Argentine clients.

Also, to reduce the speed of content generation, they used LiteSpeed + LSCache, an intelligent caching technology included for free in all Duplika plans. And finally, with constant advice from Duplika, they used PerfMatters, an excellent plugin to eliminate unnecessary load on resources and thus eliminate bottlenecks. PerfMatters is included in Managed WordPress plans.

The loading speed is a very important factor in the user experience, but to be found online, optimization for search engines is also important. With this goal in mind, they used Rank Math SEO Pro, the best premium plugin for WordPress SEO, which is also included in Managed WordPress plans. With it, they ensured they had best practices in place, while automating several otherwise tedious tasks, like adding descriptions to every image on the site.

Thanks to the technology involved and the optimization work, Calfra Salaries has exemplary speed, thus being able to offer an optimal user experience for potential clients and news readers.

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