Say hello to your customers at the end of the year

End of the year is an excellent opportunity to say “present”. It is the time when we take stock, make wishes and plan our next steps for the coming year. It is when we toast with our family and loved ones, and recharge for the following year.

Also, it is an excellent opportunity to greet our clients and close a whole year of work. It is a precious moment for build customer loyalty.

To facilitate this, Duplika provides you with the necessary tools, since contracting the service of email marketing You will be able to greet all the clients with whom you have worked, while obtaining reports on shipments, among other strategic benefits.

If you are already a Duplika customer, we offer you the possibility of acquiring, at no additional cost, pre-printed templates with Christmas and Happy New Year designs! They can be customized to your liking. Ask us about it in the comments or at the help desk.

And congratulations to all.

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