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The native WordPress search engine works very well for most of the cases, but for the moment in which we need to improve the results or add functionalities, SearchWP It is today one of the best alternatives available.

Included in our service Managed WordPress, below we will detail the main functionalities available:

SearchWP allows you to perform searches in custom fields

Custom fields (post meta) are completely ignored by WordPress search. uses SearchWP to instantly search all your valuable data.

SearchWP works with all custom fields the way you want, including data from popular plugins like:

Also, SearchWP makes it easy to personalize and refine data during indexing, ensuring you get the best possible search results.

SearchWP fixes your eCommerce search!

Your products have many attributes that are ignored when searching. SearchWP considers all your product details (attributes, taxonomies, etc.) from plugins like:

And there's even more: SearchWP has its own integrations that automatically get better search results.

SearchWP can search your documents!

You can tell SearchWP to extract text from documents (PDF, Office, Plain/Rich Text, and more) uploaded to the WordPress Media Library and make that content searchable.

Document search results are integrated directly into your results template, displaying the title of the Media Library and a link to that Media entry.

Additionally, SearchWP can extract a contextual excerpt that trims the search terms found.

SearchWP can search anything you want

Many modern WordPress sites use much more than the types of content available directly through WordPress.

Custom database tables are used to significantly improve performance when needed, but doing so excludes that content from WordPress search.

SearchWP was built with this in mind, which is why it has the ability to index content (and perform searches) from virtually any local database table.

SearchWP knows taxonomies and shortcodes

Taxonomy terms like Categories Y tags contain fantastic search-oriented content.

WordPress native search cannot consider that content.

The shortcode (shortcodes) are immensely popular in WordPress, but native WordPress search can't work with the output.

SearchWP allows you to incorporate taxonomy terms and output from shortcode in your search operation.

automatic integration

No coding necessary to replace your existing keyword search form or results template! SearchWP automatically integrates with native WordPress search forms in:

  • default themes
  • custom themes
  • Your own themes!

SearchWP also works with many page builders, including:

Find missing search results

Unlike WordPress, SearchWP returns results based on the relevance of the content you are looking for. Gone are the days of missing content types, skipped results, and poor rankings!

SearchWP integrates with your existing search results template sorting results based on content and criteria. Criteria include:

  • Custom fields (post metadata), including ACF fields.
  • Details, variations and attributes of e-commerce products.
  • Categories, tags, custom taxonomies.
  • departure from shortcode (short code).
  • Document content (.PDF, .docx, .txt, etc.).
  • Content of the custom database table.

Get visitor insight

Search activity on the site is very valuable information about the behavior of your visitors. In fact, it is the users themselves who are literally telling you what they are looking for.

SearchWP recognizes and understands how beneficial site search is, not only for your visitors but also for you or your site administrator.

With an effective site search solution, your visitors will relay what they are looking for and SearchWP will help you find it.

SearchWP Metrics extension analyzes your search traffic and shows you what visitors search for, find and also what they do not find. The statistics will help you improve the content of your site.

If you found all these features interesting, feel free to rate our 100% Managed WordPress Service. We integrate your WordPress site with a number of powerful tools to make you compete in the real big leagues.

If you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected] or in our section Contact. We are here to advise you.

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