Security in your DNS with DNSSEC

Duplika Introduces DNSSEC to Protect Your Domain Against DNS Vulnerabilities

DNSSEC is responsible for ensuring that the traffic directed to a certain website reaches the corresponding server safely and is not intercepted by malicious third parties who want to take it over.

Duplika offers you a new alternative to make your site more secure, increasing the trust and integrity of the DNS protocol.

What are DNS?

To make it easy to understand, DNS is like a phone book: they match numbers to names.

Every web server that hosts sites and applications is identified on the internet by a number or IP address. But it would be very inconvenient to navigate the vast web of networks having to memorize long lists of numbers.

For example, if we want to take advantage of the summer to make some improvements to the house and we are looking for good prices on paintings, it would be quite complicated to have to remember that we can go to to look for offers.

It's so much easier to remember And we have the DNS protocol to thank for that.

DNS allows us to associate a domain name (such as “”) with an IP number (such as “”). The two directions take us to the same website.

DNSSEC comes to Duplika to protect your domain

The problem with DNS is that it was created in 1983 and since then little or nothing has been done to improve it and make it more secure. And we all know how big and insecure the network has become.

If someone exploits a DNS vulnerability, they can redirect incoming traffic to your website to whatever server they want. And do it without you noticing.

It can be through a man in the middle attack, from an attacker who has taken control of your router, from a malicious Wi-Fi network, or from a compromised ISP (Internet Service Provider). The possibilities are many and the need to protect your domain should not be taken lightly.

DNSSEC adds digital signatures to each DNS record generating a chain of trust that is being staged authenticated .

Only if each signature is complete and matches the information stored on the authoritative DNS server, is the address resolved.

By applying these Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) you can prevent a hacker from monitoring your website traffic and using it to do phishing, blocking access to your domain, displaying unwanted advertising or monitoring your site traffic.

Add DNSSEC to your site right now!

To protect your domain from unwanted attacks you do not need to have a degree in networks. At Duplika we offer you an extremely friendly implementation of DNSSEC based on CloudFlare. You can have it up and running with just a couple of clicks and by copying a single record at your domain's registrar.

To be able to use DNSSEC today for free, you only need to have our Business Plan. Contact us for more info!

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