SEO Guide: How to attract the audience

Something essential, before starting this SEO guide, is that the important thing is not to write to satisfy the demands of search engines, but to write texts that are attractive -and useful- for the audience. Otherwise, we would only be looking for keywords, techniques (read tricks) of writing and many other resources in order to "please" Google. Forgetting the human factor of the experience is not the best way to increase the visibility of our website.

When starting to write on our blogs or commercial sites is that the content is the most important, and not only SEO workers defend quality content, but Google itself is a great defender of well-written articles, neat, with links and research work.

Quality content, always

Remember that quality content is as important as SEO "tricks" and the different tools that we can implement on our website. Many believe that the content begins and ends in the text, but this is not the case. Quality content encompasses the images, the videos, the links, the audio, the infographics, the podcasts and any other resources that we can add to provide useful information to the readers.

So, whenever you write an article, remember to look for many sources of information, multimedia content, original data, own examples, links, videos and everything that you can add to make it really attractive. Therefore, the important thing is to know what the audience wants and not only what the Google robot intends or Bing.

Specifically, they should ask themselves questions that they will be able to answer with statistics, information on Google and in many other contexts. Some questions that can be asked are: what information do users need? What things interest them? dowhat answers can we give them to the problems that arise on the Web? How do I best exemplify this? With what own and external links can I complement my information? Is it convenient to add PDFs, downloadable files, animations to improve a specific content? And so.

Answering these questions, and putting on in the place of the person who searches on Google, that is, the user, will be able to create very detailed and complete content. They should not leave any gaps in the article, but ideally offer readers all the information in the same place, something that they will appreciate in the short and long term.

Know the audience and the competition

It seems obvious, but when you want to start creating a site for technology, cell phones, video games, fashion, art or whatever comes to mind, it is important to know well what themes, information, language and different resources users use. most important sites related to the theme they chose. In other words, it's good meet the competition and nurture from it to be the best SEO.

It is essential to refer to sites that perform well on Google to try to be like them, although over time you will give your original touch and they will monopolize, perhaps, another public different from that of the competitors. One piece of advice is to make a good cut about the public that will read them, and write only for them. Let's not fall into the temptation of uploading content that is not related to the theme. On the contrary, try to respect the theme to the last consequences so as not to confuse the audience, and even the search engines.

attractive keywords

One way to find out which segment of the public is in need of information on a specific topic is to make a keyword search on Google or Bing. The first piece of advice is to look for the ones with the least results, since they could be a good target to conquer, although the information will be scarcer.

Another tip: search early to find the keyword with higher level of searches and the lower level of competition; in other words, a gold mine. This is the main objective for many SEOs, although it will not be easy to find a highly sought after and little exploited topic, since each time more people They work in SEO.

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