SEO Guide: Search Engine Optimization

The third part of this guide deals specifically with what SEO means, the acronym of the English term Search Engine Optimization What does Search Engine Optimization mean? The very name SEO clearly tells us what we can expect from people who work in this field, and what we should expect from ourselves if we don't start adopting SEO tools.

Punctually, when we begin to work or think as SEO people, we are aiming our knowledge towards website optimization. SEO workers must constantly think that all the content of the site is very easy for users to access. looking for information in the web. The clearer things are, the better.

Google Tips

Google itself shares with us its guidelines so that let's optimize our website and let's be good SEO. It is important to take Google's advice into account, although we point out that they should be taken as a reference and not as a holy word. Following Google's advice to the letter could be counterproductive for our site (and for our mental health too).

Google has a Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization, and you can access it from the link below. In this third part, we will take it into account to help you become better SEO optimizers and manage to create the right content for, in this case, the demands and the way of thinking of Google

Site structure and URL

For the purpose of optimize for search engines, It is necessary to start planning the structure of our website before creating content. One of the important tasks is to correctly order the information within our site so that later the contents that we write always have a place, a category, and the correct labels. Order and charity will help our users find the content, and even related content. The following is a typical example illustrating a pyramid structure fit for growth in good SEO health.

For its part, Google ensures that simple URLs, that is, the content that appears in the search bar of the browser, it will allow us to keep the website better organized as well as to facilitate the tracking of our documents in search engines. It is important to know that if the URL contains relevant words, additional information about the particular page is provided to users and search engines. For example,ños/zapatillas-deportivas-para-tenis says much more than Modelo-54

easy navigation

The navigability of a website is crucial because it helps to our users quickly find the content they want. But, in addition, it works favorably for us in searches, since it helps search engines to understand what the content is. that webmasters they consider important.

Google is interested in knowing what role a publication plays within a website. This information is essential for search engines to understand the hierarchy of information, since all websites have a home page or a root page, which is the one that is normally visited the most on a site.

Promote the site correctly

It is important to promote the content of your blogs with different tools like, for example, the famous social networks Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, which have become essential tools these days. Likewise, a piece of advice to publicize new services or content is write an article about it on their own blogs.

Remember that other webmasters always follow your sites on social networks or RSS services, so it is always good to make a top 10 of the most important blog articles. Also, proper social media promotion of our articles with interesting and eye-catching titles will massively attract users.

Link: Beginner's Guide to Google

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